Papis (almost) perfect family car: what a porsche is good for in everyday life

Papis (almost) perfect family car What a Porsche is good for in everyday life

The country road is clear, here the new Porsche Carrera offers maximum driving pleasure.

Düsseldorf The Porsche 911 Carrera S is the perfect family car – also and precisely because the 911 is a 400 HP sports car. The little daughter is happy when Papi takes her to primary school in a Porsche brings, the little son is happy because Papi is now picking him up from kindergarten more often with the Porsche and Mommy is happy because Papi is happy. So much for the theory.

The practice actually looks very similar, but with one major limitation: Daddy is still happy on winding country roads and highways without a speed limit – Mummy is not quite so. At the latest when the driver and Porsche slowly get to know each other on the winding and lonely country roads of the Westerwald, the 400 hp of the boxer engine roar and rumble, the rear slowly but surely smears away to the side and the thick 235 winter tires sniff along the gutter, then, yes then it is with the Family peace is over – and the 911 Carrera S turns out to be what it really is: a thoroughbred sports car.

Especially men – no matter what age or what salary class. The reactions are very different.

Excellent – in every respect, in city traffic as well as on the country road or on the motorway. In general, the Porsche can be described primarily with one characteristic: precision.

Yes, this boxer engine is no longer air-cooled. But it doesn’t matter. If the sports exhaust has not stalled at the push of a button, the 400 can do itPS unit still the entire boxer scale: The engine babbles, roars, stamps and rages so loud under full load that all heads turn on the sidewalk at lightning speed.

Not in the metropolitan area. Even if the very good semi-automatic makes long traffic jams bearable: a 911 must be driven. The car is simply too good to stand and can hardly show its strengths.

Absolutely. Sure: a sports car remains a sports car, space miracles cannot be expected from a 911. But it is always enough for the small tasks of everyday life – also for the trip to the beverage store.

No question, 124,000 euros base price is a lot of money. But this Porsche is definitely worth a lot to many. Technology, processing, design – everything fits.

Is enthusiastic – especially if you are allowed to ride.

To be honest: a Porsche is not green and it is unlikely to be green without an electric drive. With good will and automatic start-stop, the fuel consumption on our test drive was reduced to 12.4 liters of Super Plus per 100 kilometers. Of course, more is always possible.

Except for the roof, of course. The lettering on the rear, the analog clock in the cockpit or the ignition key on the left of the steering wheel.

The quick start guide. In addition to the thick log book, there are a few cards in the glove compartment that explain the most important functions quickly and clearly with a picture and little text. Absolutely exemplary, every car should have.

You really don’t have to offer the seats in the back. And why can’t you see the great engine??

You can almost forget this. Because in its new year the 911 is much more than before: one car that can do almost everything in everyday life. In principle, there is next to nothing that a Fiat Panda, a Kia Rio or a VW Polo can do, which this Porsche could not do with a test car price of 117,000 euros.

Sure: the loading compartment under the bonnet may not be huge and yes, at the latest in the beverage dealer’s parking lot, a Porsche driver gets skeptical glances when he puts a box of wheat and a few bottles of cola in his sports car. But it works. Double diapers, wet wipes, glasses – almost no desire to have a baby with a 911 must remain unfulfilled when visiting a drugstore. And there is room for four on top of that.

Mom, dad, daughter, son – everyone comes along. The small of course also on child seats. Porsche has installed three Isofix brackets. Well, despite the 100 millimeter more wheelbase compared to the previous model, the seating space is still cut a bit more figure-hugging, but is always sufficient for the trip to grandma and grandpa – at least the dad sitting behind the wheel says. And that a child seat in a two-door car in the rear cannot be installed without acrobatics and a lot of good will is really not a problem for Porsche.


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