Paradies deutschland – for fraudsters, criminals and proud africans, crisis-free

By Hubert von Brunn (Otherworld)

Germany is a beautiful country, a wonderful country. No, it doesn’t. It’s paradise and if I didn’t happen to be a citizen of this country I would do everything I could to get here. No other nation is as generous as the German. Everyone can come in here, in principle can do what he wants, is funded by the state in a variety of ways and, if he is a little smart and knows the various back doors, can lead a very pleasant life here without having to do anything. 1000 times more pleasant than in the traditional homeland – and sometimes 100 times better than for some retirees who were born here, have worked for a lifetime and contribute with their taxes to the fact that the “guests” are now doing so well.

No, no, this is not a rant against everything foreign, and certainly not against people who flee to us from war zones, who have lost everything at home and are trying to calm down and lead a reasonably normal life again. They should and must be helped and – as we now know – they are also those who are extremely grateful for the help they have provided and who are doing their utmost to gain a foothold in our society. If people are arbitrarily deported from the ranks of these willing and very useful people for our society, it is humanly scandalous and economically stupid. Apart from this, such cases also make it clear that our asylum law has been stuck in the past century and urgently needs to be reformed. The world has changed fundamentally in the past 25 years and the old thought patterns no longer apply. The word has gotten around in the remotest corner of Africa – only in the Chancellery in Berlin you obviously haven’t noticed anything yet.

The madness knows no limits

Germany is for many people in the world – and here, to make it clear, I’m not talking about refugees from war – the country where milk and honey flow. Because there is no such generous welfare state anywhere else. All over the world, government benefits are tied to conditions, there is only money if certain conditions are met, certain benefits are paid. Not so in Germany. The blessings of the welfare state are generously distributed to all who either cry out for "asylum" no matter where they come from; to those who can absurdly claim to belong to the EU (e.g. Bulgarians, Romanians) and even to those who, thanks to their criminal past, can build a comfortable nest in our country because a completely stupid judiciary grants this freedom. The madness knows no limits and it is only a matter of time before the previously peaceful middle class has had enough of it and is no longer willing to contribute to this exorbitant waste of taxpayers’ money. Then Merkel & Co. a real problem. Let’s look at three examples that make it clear that THIS democracy, which is imposed on us, has ended and this supposed paradise will become hell in the foreseeable future – for the natives here!

Example 1: Systematically stolen child benefit as a source of income

"Child benefit serves as a social benefit for the constitutionally guaranteed exemption of the child’s subsistence level and is therefore part of the family benefit equalization." (Wikipedia) And this child benefit, which is primarily intended as tax relief for the expenses that the parents incur through the children in Germany, with an average of € 200 / month, is quite generous compared to other EU countries. Romanian and Bulgarian families in particular have long discovered this wonderful source of income for themselves and are exhausting it. Especially – and this is where it really becomes paradise for these people – this generous allowance from the German state is also paid for children who don’t live here at all, but with their grandmother somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains. Life there is very modest, the cost of living is correspondingly low. Instead of collecting € 20 or € 40 per child instead of € 20 to € 40, it makes a huge difference.
So dad and mom settle in Germany with one or two children, but use falsified documents to register four or five other children who are said to have left them at home and collect another € 200 per person for this. One can easily feed a large family of this in Romania. So far, the offices and authorities concerned have obviously been of little interest as to whether the information provided is true or whether these children actually exist. Stamp on the form, payment instructions out – done!

For the Brussels Eurocrats, the gang-like social fraud is not worth mentioning

If it were only individual cases, you could still overlook it generously. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Rather, a sophisticated system of trafficking gangs has developed over the years, which hires poor families especially in Romania and Bulgaria and brings them to Germany – preferably in small and medium-sized cities such as Duisburg, Fürth, Mannheim, Bremerhaven or Offenbach. There they are housed in miserable quarters and the tugs ensure that they are given a taxable mini job and are therefore entitled to child benefit. For this “service”, the EU citizens who have traveled to the EU must then hand in at least half of the income paid by the German state (child benefit). Although this reduces the financial benefits for those who stayed at home, it is still better than staying at home. Here we are dealing with organized social fraud – and what is our government doing about it? NOTHING!

God knows the topic is not new and whenever it was brought up it was said: there is nothing we can do. The Brussels Eurocrats want it to stay the way it is. Even now that the discussion has flared up again, the EU Commission announces: "If a worker pays into a national social security system, he should receive the same benefits as everyone else who pays – regardless of their nationality and where their children live. “- Such a nonsense can only come from oversized civil servants who have lost all connection to reality and are not worried about how a German pensioner is getting his pension if it is slightly higher than the subsistence level Has to pay taxes and thereby co-finance this social fraud.
The EU Commission refuses to tackle the issue stubbornly because it believes that the financial impact is too small. Ah yes, then let’s take a look at a few numbers: Germany is currently paying child benefit for approx. 270,000 children living abroad in Europe (over 10% more than at the end of 2017) and spent more than € 31 million on this in July this year alone. Extrapolated to the year, that’s a whopping € 372 million. But since the influx of child benefit fraudsters organized in gangs is steadily increasing, this sum will be significantly higher at the end of the year. Money that the welfare state lacks elsewhere – peanuts for the Eurocrats. While in this country the notorious misgivings and world improvers of course immediately chew on the EU Commission again, Austria wants from next Only pay the indexed child benefit per year, i.e. adjusted to the cost of living in the respective home country. The Austrian family minister Juliane Bogner-Strauß (ÖVP) confidently speaks of a "new justice". Strange: the little one Austria can do that big Germany can’t.

Example 2: Piracy pays off – the welfare state pays for it

If you don’t do anything professionally in Somalia, there is still the chance to pursue a career as a pirate. The prerequisite, however, is that you have to hijack a German ship – as a gang of Somali amateur privateers successfully demonstrated in 2010. On Easter Sunday, they hunted the German freighter “Taipan” with two express carriers, fired rocket launchers and Kalashnikovs and finally boarded them. The captain succeeded in making an emergency call from a shelter, whereupon a Dutch warship came to the rescue, the Marines took control of the German ship and arrested ten Somali pirates. The pirates were later extradited to Germany, brought to trial in Hamburg and sentenced to prison terms between two and seven years.
Since people go to sea, piracy has been a very bad crime that has usually been punished with death. In Germany in the 21st century there is much more understanding for pirates ready to murder. In 2015, all convicted pirates had served part or all of their sentence and were released again. Five left the country, five stayed here. They made asylum applications that were rejected – but none of the Somalis were deported.

They live cheerfully here at state costs: maintenance under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, housing benefit, health insurance. In the meantime, one of the pirates has passed middle school and obtained a driver’s license. Well, if that’s not an example of successful integration? The parents at home will be proud of their offspring who made it, and may recommend the younger offspring to take an example. Piracy has a future. A few years in jail, which means a much more pleasant life than in the hut in the bush, then you are free and can live like the maggot in the bacon. But remember one thing: Only attack ships under the German flag!
The fact that pirates are no longer hanged or beheaded here has to do with the fact that there is no death penalty. That’s OK, but do you have to pamp these criminals like this? Do you have to give them a good life for what they have done? No definitely not! And why don’t we just throw this gang out? Because the Somali embassy is said to be unable to issue the necessary passports. In addition, there would also be "no flight connections to Somalia suitable for repatriations." – Is it still possible ?! Do we want to be blackmailed by every African banana republic? If we had a government worthy of the name, a chartered plane with these guys on board would have landed in Mogadishu long ago, door open and out! What should the Somalis have done about it? But no, we are the guardians of democracy and watch how others shamelessly take advantage of this democracy. Nobody wants the fact that these parasites will one day bring the fragile building of democracy to collapse unless they are consistently stopped.

Example 3: Police officers who control a black man are racists

Due to the fact that the normal white, uncircumcised German was declared a discontinued model years ago by the left and the Greens, people of different colors and believers have now acquired a "self-confidence" that culminates in an arrogant attitude of exceptionality: Because I am black , I am something special, and you, white German, have to respect that. And even more so when I pray to Allah, you, white German unbeliever, have nothing to say to me !. Yes, we have come this far.
In this specific case, a black African went to court, sued two federal police officers who checked him at Bochum’s main station for "racism" – and got it right. The actions of the police officers "are not compatible with the Basic Law", judged the Higher Administrative Court in Münster. The officials had given the dark skin tone and the striking behavior of the man with the hood pulled low over the face as the reason for their control. They suspected that he could be a pickpocket, dealer, or even Islamist – since the area around the train station was an attraction for all three groups. The police officers who are on the road every day know their Pappenheimers and have a sense of where an inspection might be appropriate. What if the suspicion is not confirmed? – So what?

However, the court could not accept the reason given by the police. Rather, it followed the black man’s admission that the person control was a racist act. While the Federal Ministry of the Interior protested against this "completely unfounded and absurd" accusation, the Federal Ministry of Justice strengthened the back of the Münster judges. "Not the skin color," announced State Secretary Christiane Wirtz (SPD), "but only a specific suspected case may be the reason for a police control". So that means: The police may no longer carry out preventive measures, especially not for black people. Consistently thought through to the end, however, “mouse traps” must also be prohibited for motorists to check alcohol. Either the officials have a "concrete suspicion" that everyone who waves them out has too much alcohol in their blood. This is an impossibility, because in order to be able to provide this evidence, you would have to have observed every individual while drinking alcohol. If, however, viewed the other way round, I get into such a "mousetrap" and I am sober, I provide evidence that there could be no "concrete suspicion" and sue the officials. It’s not because of racism because I have a white skin, but maybe because of arbitrariness or interference with my personal rights or some other nonsense.

Judgments that no normal person can understand

I have put together these three examples of absurd jurisprudence in order to make it clear at which different levels and in what ways democracy is being undermined, cheeky parasites benefit from it and with this goings-on more and more contribute to the general rejection of the general public against refugees and migrants. There is no question that the majority of those who come to us are of good will, behave decently and make an effort to gain a foothold in our society. The negative image that is then thrown at everyone without reflection is the result of an inept judiciary. With feeble-minded judgments that are not at all understandable to normal citizens, some judges put a minority in the right, where common sense recognizes profound injustice. That increasingly strengthens the feeling of the newcomers that they are something special, have something special Rights and everything should be allowed. Even the migrants on the Balkan route in 2015 had not expected such paradisiacal conditions. But Ms. Merkel has suggested paradise in many ways and stupid people who are allowed to play judges support them in this. I recently wrote in an article that such judges should be shot at the moon – without a return ticket. I forgot to mention that Ms Merkel should be on the missile.

What is going wrong in Germany, and has it been for a long time? Is there a plan to make Germany a “third world country”? Is that the plan Merkel has but doesn’t want to reveal? If one looks at what has been going on in the past few decades in the “Land of Poets and Thinkers”, the suspicion could be confirmed that the general decline in morality and decency, law and order, was by no means accidental. In their works, Hans Jörg Schrötter and Hans-Jürgen Geese show that it can hardly be a coincidence how politics in Germany itself is done against German interests. This applies to unregulated immigration as well as the filling of high-ranking positions in politics and business with people who would not be considered for an occupation under normal circumstances. Read about it "Off to Germania" and "The Germans – The smartest people on earth say goodbye to history". Available in bookstores or can be ordered directly from the publisher here.


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