Parental allowance application: which documents do i have to submit?

Parental allowance application: which documents do I have to submit?

Parental allowance application: Which documents do I have to submit??

You will only receive parental allowance on application. In addition to the completed application, the parental allowance office also requires additional documents. You can submit the application and other documents in peace, e.g. put together in maternity leave. You can find out what these are in this article.

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16 federal states – 16 parental allowance applications

Each state has its own application form. In addition, each federal state still has various systems that must be completed. Which these are depends on the individual case. You will find a note at the appropriate places in the main application form.

It is also possible that more or fewer documents have to be submitted in your state and due to your personal situation than we list here. The absolutely necessary systems such as the birth certificate with the purpose "parental allowance" are mentioned in the applications. There may also be additional documents, such as a certificate from the immigration authorities regarding your residence status, for example if you are not a German citizen.

Depending on the facts, further evidence is required
If there are periods in which you received unemployment benefits or sickness benefits, for example, these documents on other income must also be submitted. Always pay attention to the information in the application.

How can you influence the processing time?

The processing time varies from 6 weeks to 6 months in the parental allowance offices. It is best to make sure to submit the application in full, including all necessary evidence, so that your application is processed quickly. If questions arise, the processing of the application is delayed. If you are unsure whether documents are still missing, you can try to reach the parental allowance office by phone beforehand. You can also take advantage of our parental benefit advice. From advice on more parental allowance to filling-in service, there are various offers that save you time and nerves.

What are the deadlines??

You can take a maximum of 3 months from the birth to submit the application. If you submit the application later, you will lose parental allowance. Ideally, however, you should make the application soon, so that there are no unnecessary delays in paying the parental allowance.

Example Case

Greta was born on July 25, 2019. Your parents have a maximum of October 24, 2019 to submit the application to the parental allowance office.


1st month of life from July 25 to August 24, 2019
2nd month of life from August 25 to September 24, 2019
3rd month of life from September 25 to October 24, 2019

Greta’s third month of life ends on October 24, 2019. This is the last day to submit the application without losing a month’s parental allowance.

Change the example:

Greta’s parents will not submit the application to the parental allowance office until October 31, 2019.


The delivery took place only in the 4th (life) month after the birth. The application period is 3 months. Greta’s parents lose one month of parental benefit entitlement.

You need these documents


  • Completed application form (both parents have to sign!)
  • Original birth certificate of the child (with the use of parental allowance)
  • Copies of both parents’ ID cards OR
  • Copy of the passport with residence permit and registration certificate
  • Copy (s) of birth certificates of other children in the household (for sibling bonus)
  • Last tax assessment available (from both parents) – exception: a tax assessment has never been issued for parent 1 / parent 2

You also need the following supporting documents:

Additionally for employees:

  • Copies of payslips

Mothers: 14 months before birth
Fathers: 12 months before birth

  • Confirmation from the employer about taking parental leave
  • For part-time work during parental leave: confirmation of working time from the employer
  • Certificate from the health insurance company about the maternity benefit after birth or a negative certificate
  • Certification of the maternity allowance from the employer
  • Certificate of employment or candidate remuneration after childbirth

Additionally for self-employed:

  • Copy of the income tax notice of the last calendar year before the birth (alternatively provisional balance sheet or income surplus calculation)
  • Declaration of working hours
  • Proof of compulsory social security contributions
  • Declaration on the continuation of the activity in the reference period
    If the activity is shut down / restricted, a replacement is hired, existing staff will take on additional tasks, etc.
  • Estimation of expected earnings in the reference period (claim amount will only be finally calculated after the reference period has expired)

mixed income

If there is income from non-self-employment (employee) and self-employment in the assessment period before birth, one speaks of mixed income. In this case, please submit the documents for both activities as described above.

Do you have further questions about the necessary documents for the parental allowance application? Then write us a comment!

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