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Parents are entitled to various state social benefits from the birth of their child, e.g. on child benefit and parental allowance. We give you an overview of these two options.

Here you can get a first overview of the state social benefits parental allowance and child benefit that you are entitled to if you are expecting a child soon:

parental benefits

Your child is born and you as parents live with the child in Germany. One parent takes care of the child at home from birth, during the so-called parental leave. During this time, the caring parent either does not have a job, is not fully employed or is currently in training. Then he is entitled to parental allowance!

Parental benefit is paid for both parents together with full payment up to 14 months after the birth of the child. With this variant, a parent can receive a parental allowance of a maximum of twelve, but at least two months. Single parents receive a parental allowance for a total of 14 months. There are also variations of the model, e.g. for part-time work, where the parental allowance can be spread over even longer periods.

The amount of the parental allowance is calculated from the income in the year before the child was born. The purchase fluctuates between at least 300 euros and a maximum of 1,800 euros per month. The parental allowance calculator gives you a first idea of ​​the amount of the monthly allowance to be expected. You submit the application to the parental allowance office.

child benefit

In principle, every child in Germany is entitled to child benefit. Child benefit is paid regardless of the parents’ income. The amount depends on the number of your children: for the first and second child you get 194 euros per month, for the third 200 and from the fourth 225 euros. Child benefit there it basically for all children up to the age of 18. Children in training receive child benefit until the age of 25, unemployed children up to the age of 21. You can apply for child benefit in the Family fund of the Federal Employment Agency.

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