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Education & care, support

Created by Prof. Dr. Armin Schneider 01/14/2020

Keep professionals with long-term HR strategies

In the current discussion about the shortage of skilled workers, one often gets the impression that it is only about using a good recipe, as in.

Education & care, support

Created by Stefan Bornemann, Jan Boskamp, ​​Monika Zimmermann January 10th, 2020

What do volunteers bring to the daycare?

Voluntary work as a connecting element, as an essential component of activities aimed at the common good, especially in the social area as well as social.

Education & care, support

Created by Eike Ostendorf-Servissoglou 12/25/2019

Find suitable instruments for quality development

The Böblingen children’s home, a parent initiative in the municipality of the same name near Stuttgart, is committed to a continuous improvement process.

Education & care, support

Created by Prof. Dr. Regina Remsperger-Kehm December 18, 2019

Sensitive relationships in childcare

Attachment relationships can have a major impact on children’s educational processes and play a role in quality development in daycare centers.

Created by Ferihan Steiner on 12/11/2019

How we can improve our working atmosphere through conflicts

Yes, you read it right. If you have the feeling that conflicts in your daycare are interfering with everyday life, I ask you to exhale now. With a few tricks, a suitable conflict management and a healthy attitude to conflicts, you have the perfect springboard for a healthy climate in your daycare center.

Created by Björn Koehler 04.12.2019

The "Good Kita Law": Really good?

Since December 19, 2018 there is the »law to further develop the quality and to improve participation in day-care facilities and in day-care for children «(KiQuTG), with which the Federal Government will 5.5 billion Provides euros for more quality in the daycare centers. Basically, the law provides that the federal states select measures from ten fields of action that the.

Created by Prof. Dr. Kathinka Beckmann 11/12/2019

The risk assessment sheet as danger: the need for collegial exchange

The specialists in the daycare centers are central actors in child protection. Whether you can professionally design this role depends largely on the design of the risk assessment process.

Created by Anna-Maria Held 10/31/2019

Mindfulness and resilience in the daycare

Children are constantly faced with new challenges in the course of their development. Stress caused by excessive pressure to perform, overstimulation and permanent sound from the media are among the most common influencing factors that can be stressful for children. Mindfulness practices can help. They strengthen children in their resistance to development risks and.

Created by Armin Schneider on 10/11/2019

Sustainability: the social dimension!

When it comes to sustainability, it is usually about the environment, about ecological ones ask or about economic aspects. Associated with this and at least at the same level, the social dimension of sustainability can be seen. However, sustainability should also have an eye on the individual, social interaction and society. The daycare center in particular can be next to and with an education.

Created by Susanne Beucher, Jan van Dieken 9/16/2019

Babyboomer, X, Y, Z: The generation question

Baby boomers, generations X, Y and Z: Each group has its own characteristics, its own worldview and its own values. This makes working in daycare teams with a wide range of ages complex and sometimes challenging. However, if the teams deal more intensively with the generation question, they open doors for mutual understanding and constructive solutions. Helps porters.

Created by Marie-Anne Raithel 02.09.2019

Behavioral children – a special challenge?

The daily work with children in socio-emotional competence training as well as the didactic and practice-oriented work with educators in further training form the basis for this article. A holistic view of everyone involved, resource-oriented work approaches, quotes from nursery teachers on the topic and a case study of a day care center illuminate the topic.

Created by Nadine Zdych 8/27/2019

How to keep your daycare center on course despite failures

What happens if management or management breaks down for a period of four weeks? Unexpectedly due to illness or an accident, but also if your top manager expresses the wish to take a break of half a year and then return to your organization with a high level of motivation. An interim manager can then be an optimal solution for your.

Created by Anita Meyer 08/20/2019

Poverty affects us all!

Poverty in daycare is a relevant topic for educational professionals. In this article, the somewhat bulky expression "act in a way that is sensitive to poverty" is to be examined in more detail: being sensitive to the subject of poverty, the realities of life and the challenges of the children affected, being careful with the practical effects and receiving ideas, like poverty in the.

Created by Carmen Deffner, Melanie Otto on 8/13/2019

Establish health-promoting routines in the daycare

The healthy development of children is important to all parents and professionals from an early age. But what keeps children physically and mentally healthy? What skills do they need to develop to grow up to be healthy people? The connection of salutogenesis with the knowledge of neuroscience to the executive functions provides interesting impulses for this question.


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