Parents’ needs – from good parents

Parents' needs - from good parents

parents needs

We parents are meanwhile quite needs-oriented – at least as far as the needs of our children are concerned. There will be cuddled and worn, if they have a need for closeness. Nursed and fed when the little ones show their first signs of hunger. And it is also answered otherwise on need for sleep, readiness to play, exploration urge and the autonomy phase (formerly called defiance phase) with appropriate attention on our part.

At the weekend I was able to speak at the really great Attachment Parenting Congress in Hamburg together with many other experts exactly to these whole topics. The needs of babies and children were the focus here. It was explained in many moving and very interesting lectures, what children really need and why it is so important to take the children seriously. But what about your own needs? My conclusion: Most parents, especially the mothers, still have a lot of learning needs. I agree with that, because sometimes even the simplest things, such as taking food or going to the toilet, are neglected. The sleep anyway.

So also this morning. I’m not a breakfaster, which is why I usually go out of the house soberly and start the day with a coffee after the kids arrive at school and daycare and I have completed my little morning run through the park. The coffee is of course already used for parallel desk work. The big breakfast hunger wakes up at about ten o’clock.

Only fast …

Today, after the morning “compulsory program”, we had a visit to the dentist, two home visits and an early pick-up at the day-care center because we had an appointment for a sub-examination with the youngest at noon. My idea to have something to eat on the way to the dentist failed because of the waiting time, which was longer than expected. Between the two home visits had to be made a call back and then it was already time to rush home and search the examination book.

With a short stopover in the health food store, since the day today leaves no time for shopping. Because I’m not very good at riding one-handed on the packed bike, I still did not come here for the long-overdue late breakfast. At home, the hunger was correspondingly large … but first the purchases want to be packaged and then the washing machine asked loudly beeping that I would like to distribute their contents on the clothesline.

Just do that quickly and then finally “have breakfast in peace”. The wiretapping of the answering machine on the way to the kitchen was also not smart, because I thought about it again, as I install time now the callback. But in the kitchen, the dishes of this morning were waiting for me. Obstflies were already enthusiastically circling a piece of banana on the table. Okay, so put that away … but stop! When I was at home, did not I tell the two mothers that they had to be careful to take care of themselves? The children can only go as well as we are. For that reason alone one should also pay attention to parental needs.

theory and practice

And now I have not been able to eat for three hours? But that’s the theory and the practice. Luckily I remembered that hunger makes me extremely bad mood and a visit to a pediatrician at noon with tired child will not be fun anyway. And anyway, I know exactly that you’re never done with anything anyway, so that you could really relax and sit down to dinner. Something is still to be done. But now I know that dishes, laundry and dust are patient. Only sometimes I have to remember it myself. So the late breakfast still took place. At some point, the warning washing machine also stopped chirping and the fruit flies were happy that they were allowed to whiz a bit longer over the kitchen table today. In this sense: also think about you and your needs and do not forget in the daily chaos, also to stop sometimes to breathe deeply or eat or whatever …

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