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As a very young girl, Carina Kühne looked into every pram and was crazy about young children. It was clear to her: at some point she will also have a baby. But the older she gets, the more thoughtful she gets. Finally, she has Down syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality that she can inherit.

"Couples with 46 chromosomes can develop a free, non-hereditary trisomy 21 in the child," says Carina Kühne. There is no question for them that these children have a right to life – and it makes them sad that so many babies are aborted. "When parents meet today for a child, they have a difficult time in society, ”she says.

And she wonders: How do our fellow human beings actually react when couples with Down syndrome have children? “Men with Down syndrome have long been considered sterile. In the meantime there are individual cases that the w >Down syndrome who gave birth to a child. Maybe there are couples with trisomy 21 who have a child? I dont know."

Carina Kühne thinks a lot about this topic.

“Scientists believe the chances of a couple with Down syndrome having a child are pretty low, and the likelihood of having a child with Down syndrome is too. In the past, people with disabilities were often subjected to forced sterilization. I think it’s good that this is no longer possible, ”she says. "I personally ask me whether I could be responsible for getting pregnant. After all, all cells have an additional chromosome and the possibility of inheriting this is quite large. ”But Carina is certain that children with Down syndrome can achieve a lot with good support. "On the other hand, parents with a handicap are often overwhelmed with a child who is not disabled and should therefore definitely get all the support that is possible."

When couples with handicaps realize their desire to have children, they take on a great responsibility – that much is clear to Carina. That is why she also finds that these couples before making their decision >Down syndrome, who was married to a man with 46 chromosomes, also stopped because she didn’t want a child with Down syndrome. Your wish for a child who was not disabled did come true. "

Written down by Carina Kühne

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