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Sunday September 9, 2012

Fitbit activity tracking for children

I bought the Fitbit activity tracking stick three weeks ago after it had decisive advantages over Nike Fuel and I was already determined to measure and increase my everyday sporting activities. So far I have been persuading myself that I only do sports in the gym on weekends and that I am rather passive at work and at the customer during the week. This belief should be questioned.

I was extremely surprised how much my son (7) was enthusiastic about this € 99 stick, which you can wear on your pocket, belt, wrist (to measure sleep intensity and wake-up times at night) or on a bra for women. Before I give the short interview with my son about his experiences, briefly some of the features and strengths that have become important to both of us.

  • Goals are set individually and realistically (we both have 7000 steps, 10 stairs and 5 km as the daily goal) and the degree of attainment can be viewed immediately (directly on the stick display, via mobile apps (WindowsPhone, iOS, Android) or browser)
  • After reaching a threshold like 5km you get a badge. which especially motivates my son.
  • Nutrition can also be recorded (German database coming soon) so that I can compare calories burned and consumed.
  • Weight is recorded via browser or apps, as well as body fat (BMI) and can be visualized graphically in the course of the week, month or year, as can sporting activities. If I had the Fitbit WiFi scale, synchronization would be automatic.
  • Insight into the fitness status of my Fitbit contacts. Values ​​such as weight do not have to be released, data protection aspects are configured granularly.
  • Sync with popular sports apps like Endomondo, Microsoft HealthVault and another dozen.
  • Manually add sporting activities that Fitbit couldn’t record, such as swimming.
  • The following screenshot shows the most important activities in a dashboard:

After three weeks, I am really amazed that both of us, who are already exercising regularly and doing sports, have both lost the first few pounds and the fitness / vitality has increased noticeably. Fitbit has achieved its goal, which has been the goal for years: Avoid the elevator and take stairs, get bread instead of by car. I specifically don’t want to use it to rush, stress, or control my son. It should simply be a daily motivation for both of us to achieve our realistic daily goals.

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