Parkour shoes – find the perfect parkour shoes

parkour shoes

Find the perfect parkour shoes

The best Parkour shoes – Find the perfect Parkour shoes for your workout

The search for the ideal parkour shoe is often a very nerve-wracking undertaking.

Every parkour runner has an individual style and personal preferences. Should you prefer a shoe with very strong damping choose, or would you prefer a more minimalist model? How is the grip the shoes? Is that enough flexibility of the shoe? The functionality is great but I like that too design?
First of all, there is no parkour shoe that meets the expectations of all traceurs.

The following table shows the most popular shoes shown for the parkour sport.
The must have properties of the ideal parkour shoe are discussed below.

All-rounder shoe with super grip. Great workmanship and long life. Good cushioning and great fit.

    Grip cushioning flexibility

Stylish design paired with great grip. The thin sole allows a lot of feeling, which is particularly beneficial when doing flow training.

    Grip cushioning flexibility

Nice, well-made shoe with solid grip and very good cushioning. Great for parkour.

    Grip cushioning flexibility


Good grip and a very thin sole. Perfect to improve his landing technique. Very affordable.

    Grip cushioning flexibility

Reebok >Top design, good grip, great cushioning and also perfectly processed. My favorite model at the moment.

    Grip cushioning flexibility

Lunargl >Great sports shoe. In addition to parkour training, it is also suitable for the normal sports program.

    Grip cushioning flexibility

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If unsatisfied, Amazon grants a 2-week money back guarantee.
If you don’t like the shoe or don’t like it, you can simply send it back and get your money back.

What properties must a shoe have to be considered a good parkour shoe??

Comfort – Every shoe should be comfortable and improve the feeling of walking. However, the parkour requires a lot more than just walking from A to B. The shoes should also provide good comfort when jumping, balancing, landing, running, sliding and sometimes falling. The more comfortable you feel in your shoes, the more fun you have when training.

Grip – Many techniques can hardly be practiced with a slippery sole. A good grip exponentially multiplies the alternatives and possibilities of the parkour runner and at the same time enormously reduces the risk of injury. Before each run you should check your surroundings for particularly slippery areas to prevent accidents.

Damping – Sooner or later everyone will land more gently. When the time comes, it is important that you wear a shoe that can limit the damage. You should always try to land on the balls of your feet and as controlled as possible. Landing on the heel is a major cause of injury. Here a well cushioned shoe can make the difference. Depending on the training, you should have shoes with less cushioning and very pronounced cushioning.

The low-damping shoes are ideal for discovering your mistakes because you inevitably feel every rough landing more. But as soon as it comes to landings from higher altitudes or somersaults, you should get heavily cushioned shoes.

Design – Of course, the Parkour shoes must also meet your personal taste, because what does the most functional shoe do if you are reluctant to wear it or not at all?

Parkour Shoes – My Top 3

At this point, I would like to emphasize again that this is my personal opinion. I have broken many shoes over the years and some have done better than others. Here are the three models that I would buy again and again.

Parkour shoes – my favorites # 1

The Comfort in this shoe is outstanding. You run, run and jump super comfortably. The shoes are very light and thanks to the good fit still a lot of control. But you have to be careful when choosing the size. The shoes are smaller than other models, so order at least a half up to a whole number larger. Then they should fit like a glove.

Besides the good wear this shoe should also be used for parkour running. A good grip is mandatory. The rubber sole sticks to just about any material and then the relief of the sole makes you feel safe and controlled while exercising. It is relatively flat and therefore leaves hardly any dirt or dirt in the spaces. Therefore, this shoe can also be used for parkour training in nature.

The damping is good. It is ideal for running and landing from low to medium heights. Even one or the other not entirely controlled landing can be cushioned with these shoes. However, cushioning is no longer sufficient for power moves from great heights or with particularly stressful landings. If you focus your parkour style on these elements, you should look for shoes with more cushioning. The New Balance 373 are great for performing precision jumps because the sole is thinner at the front and therefore a very good one country feel Has. The bottom line is that these shoes are ideal for all maneuvers except for the extreme power moves.

All this combined with high quality workmanship and one stylish and timeless design make this shoe my favorite parkour shoe. This parkour shoe is available in various colors. Keep in mind that bright colors get dirty very quickly, so stick to the darker shades.

Despite the light weight and the wearing comfort, the shoe is very robust. The lifespan was very good compared to other models.

The shoes can be found in the shop for around 80 €. My tip, buy the shoes online. You save up to 25%. Just remember to order one size bigger.

Parkour shoes – my favorites # 2

Reebok >For whom the New Balance 373 are out of the question, this model may find its ideal parkour shoes. The Reebok Classics have been for years stylish everyday sneakers, but also meet all the criteria of a good parkour shoe.

The Reebok Classics fit like a glove. The model is available in the various variations and colors. Everyone will find what they are looking for here, regardless of their preferences. In addition to the normal classics, there is also the classic nylon. These differ in the material used in the shoe. I find both classes, but with the nylon model after various precision jumps that did not land well, I have individual nylon threads that are a bit worn out.

The shoes stabilize very good and have one excellent cushioning. With big drops or rough landings on asphalt, this can make the difference. If you like a somersault-focused style, these shoes are well equipped. This does not mean that every bad landing is compensated for and that there is no risk of injury. No shoe in the world can guarantee such a thing. You can only reduce the risk of what you can do with this shoe. It is therefore a clear recommendation for beginners, as it compensates for the technical mistakes that everyone makes at the beginning.

For example, if you’re a beginner wearing feiyue and losing control in a forward somersault, your ankles can hurt very quickly. Dampening the Reeboks may prevent worse things from happening here.

By the light weight the sports shoe hardly hinders running, jumping or balancing.
The grip the shoes are also very solid, similar to the grip level of the New Balance 373.

The shoe is kept relatively simple. A classic, elegant and very powerful model. Similar to the New Balance, the shoes of the Reebok brand are of excellent quality and are ideal for parkour sports as well as for everyday life.

The shoe is in a price range of around 50-70 €, the bottom line is that the Reebok Classics are great well processed are and are usually very durable.

The cheapest Parkour shoes


The Feiyue are clearly not suitable for freerunning for me, except for very experienced freerunners and even they occasionally make mistakes.

What are the Pros and Cons the Feiyue?

On the one hand, they are not very durable, have practically no cushioning and do not provide great protection for the feet.

On the other hand, these parkour shoes are probably with that cheapest what you can find in the parkour shoes section. Furthermore, the shoes weigh almost nothing and they have one good grip. The feeling for the ground can be pushed to the limit thanks to the thin sole. However, you can also feel every stone here.

The shoe is not suitable for freerunning due to the properties just listed, but you can certainly use it for pure training of parkour. Due to the thin sole, you will notice every little mistake when landing or running and can target his technology File weaknesses. With simple and harmless elements you can get along very well with these shoes in my opinion, but if you are looking for universal parkour shoes for all possible movements, you should invest a few euros more.

In the end, everyone has to decide for himself what is important to him or her and then act accordingly. For my part, I like to have at least two different Parkour shoe alternatives:

one pair of Parkour shoes sneakers like the New Balance 373 or the Reebok Classics and one pair of what I can also use as running shoes. For indoor training I also get new Feiyues every now and then when the old ones give up. A few are actually enough, but I always like to keep alternatives open. After all, most of my Parkour shoes also have another purpose.

Of course there are also a large number of other shoes that can be used as parkour shoes. If I help you a little further with this page I have achieved my goal. Have fun with parkour training in your ideal parkour shoes.

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