Parquet – cost variants at a glance

What does parquet cost??

Laying parquet must be learned. Overall, the costs per square meter are approximately between 40, – and 140, – Euro (installation and material).

This large price range arises mainly due to differences in the type and quality of the material and the different installation options.

Cost factors for laying parquet

The costs for parquet are made up of the costs for:

  • material
  • performance
  • insulating underlay

Before we break down the individual areas, here’s an overview.

Cost of parquet per m² – table

cost factors Cost per m² Cost for 20 m² Cost of 40 m²
total cost 37, – to 136, – Euro 740, – to 2.720, – Euro 1.480, – to 5.440, – Euro
material costs 15, – to 80, – Euro 300, – to 1,600, – Euro 600, – to 3.200, – Euro
insulating underlay 2, – to 5, – Euro 40, – to 100, – Euro 80, – to 200, – Euro
Steam brake (for mineral substrates) 0.50 to 1, – Euro 10, – to 20, – Euro 20, – to 40, – Euro
labour costs 20, – to 50, – Euro 400, – to 1.000, – Euro 800, – to 2,000, – Euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

To make the whole thing even more tangible, here is a practical example:

The Müller family wants a new floor covering for the 40 sqm living / dining room. Because it is supposed to be a durable covering, the father likes to have a parquet floor. He would most like a parquet that can be sanded off in a few years, because family dog ​​Bruno will surely leave his mark on it.

Ms. Müller and daughter Sandra are responsible for the optics. Here they have agreed on the color walnut and an oiled surface. In the living / dining room hot water underfloor heating is installed. The baseboards Mr Müller himself wants to relocate, because he wants to lay cables behind it.

The Müller family receives three offers:

Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3
total cost 1,920 euros 3,600 euros 6,400 euros
kind Multilayered Flooring Multilayered Flooring solid flooring
execution 3-strip, finished parquet 2-strip, finished parquet 1 bar
optics shipdeck shipdeck shipdeck
Species walnut walnut walnut
surface oiled oiled raw
material costs 1,320 euros 2,600 euros 4,000 euros
labour costs 600, – Euro (floating installation (vapor barrier, impact sound, parquet)) 1.000 Euro (bonding on ground) 2,400 euros (bonding to soil, sanding and oiling)

Since the cost depends on the region, the exact material, and many other factors, we recommend that you get suggested non-binding fixed price offers.

With the following form (*) you can get free and without obligation cost estimates from qualified floor publishers in your region. Fill out the form now and you will receive individual offers. This step has proved itself among our visitors.

Material costs for the parquet

The parquet is a high-quality floor covering made of real wood. Basically, a distinction is made between hard-glued parquet made of solid wood and prefinished parquet, which is laid floating.

The latter is the higher quality pedant for the laminate floor.

Depending on the type of parquet and material (eg beech, maple or oak), the square meter costs between 15, – and up to 80, – Euro.

There is hardly a limit to the top. Particularly noble are tropical woods, American walnut or smoked oak. This is reflected in the price.

The price differences are not only due to the different types of wood but also due to specific properties of different parquet floors.

This can e.g. the thickness of the solid wood parquet or whether the parquet is already treated ready for the surface. Otherwise costs for grinding, oiling or varnishing are added.

Engineered flooring

A footfall sound insulation does not just increase the comfort, but restricts the sound considerably – so also for your neighbors a pleasant appearance. Gentle suspensions also relieve joints and the spine.

Depending on the type and thickness of the underlay, even minor bumps can be compensated and loud, dull sound images can be avoided.

Depending on the quality, the material costs for impact sound insulation amount to 2, – to 5, – Euro per square meter.

Before commissioning an artisan, it must be clarified whether the parquet is floating (that is, the parquet boards are connected only to themselves and not to the floor) or completely glued. The latter is the higher quality and more expensive alternative.

However, not every parquet can be laid floating, whereby the firm gluing on the ground is always possible.

Labor costs for laying the parquet

The substrate must be level and dry and thus be reworked if necessary.

Depending on whether click parquet (which is usually laid floating) or classic parquet is to be firmly bonded to the substrate, the labor costs vary depending on the region between 20, – and 50, – € per square meter.

If a specific pattern is to be laid, the square meter prices can be significantly higher.

Click parquet is laid in rows, hallway for hallway. This installation is the cheapest and is often done on your own. In contrast, classic parquet, which is firmly glued, can also be laid in other patterns. Of course this depends on the particular parquet.

In addition to the pure installation costs, there are additional material costs and accessories for joint sealants, baseboards and door rails.

In addition, usually falls to a flat rate for the arrival and the cost of disposal of the old flooring.

What are the design options when laying parquet flooring??

There are no limits to the choice of wood species. There is a suitable wood species and pattern for every taste. If the preference is in a lighter direction, birch, alder and maple are recommended.

If you want the clay to go darker, reddish, you can use beech, cherry or mahogany. However, permanent sunlight can discolour the wood over the years.

By the way: A good way to get a specific shade without choosing an expensive type of wood, or even to spice up old parquet flooring is coloring.

The parquet is dyed with a special oil. The palette of possible shades ranges from gentle browns to strong reds.

Have the coloration done by a specialist, should you pro square meters 10, – to 15, – Euro for the pure apply schedule the coloration. Under certain circumstances, there are also surcharges for the pre- and post-treatment of the soil.

We advise you to get an expert opinion in any case, even if you want to colorize your parquet yourself. Not all parquet woods can be colored equally well. It is also advisable to check beforehand whether your own parquet floor is suitable for dyeing in a specific color shade at all.

Every tree and every type of wood has its own degree of hardness. First of all, consider which load the floor covering – in the room in which it is laid – has to endure. Then you can choose the type of wood.

In addition to the degree of hardness and the coloration, the patterning of the different species is also decisive for many. Every grain, whether a strong or subtle structure, gives the room a very special effect.

In general, a distinction is made in parquet between solid wood and multilayer parquet. Solid wood parquet is laid in individual slats and glued, which must be sanded and sealed at the end.

Multilayered parquet consists of three different layers of wood that are glued together.

Prefabricated parquet is, as with “ordinary” parquet, available either as solid wood parquet or as a multilayer parquet.

The first is consistently made of wood and therefore of high quality. For multi-layer parquet, only the topmost layer of real wood, including support and stability layers are processed.

This is again resource-saving, since only a relatively small layer of high-quality wood is needed.

In the trade, however, many other variants and designs are available.

A sanding of the parquet surface, if this is getting old, can be done easily only with firmly glued solid wood parquet.

In addition, there are the following advantages:

  • no surface defects and especially accurate
  • cost-effective installation – the individual planks / bars are already finished sealed or oiled and sanded, cemented and finished
  • easy guidance and assembly by increasingly used “click” system
  • faster laying = faster occupancy

For particularly stressed floors, we recommend using edgeband parquet flooring. This is very robust and can withstand heavy use.

Mosaic parquet offers almost unlimited creative possibilities. Due to its different types of wood and installation, it is particularly versatile. If carpet or PVC was previously on your floor, it is recommended to use lamparket.

The benefits of parquet

Parquet is a popular floor covering next to laminate. It offers classic design options as well as modern design. Furniture and walls can be excellently combined with wood parquet. Genuine wood parquet combines style and elegance.

In advance, you should think about the rooms in which you want to lay the parquet floor. Also kitchen and bathroom are suitable for it. However, here you should resort to wood, which is moisture resistant, so it does not swell the material.

Often wood is laid in the bedroom and living room. In these rooms, it is particularly good effect. Parquet flooring is very robust and resilient after installation, especially if it has been firmly glued.

With the right care he can give them many years of enjoyment. More about care in the next section.

Should he scratch the hallway, or children’s room, it is possible to sand and mend it. Useful information and a cost overview can be found here.

Parquet flooring is also suitable for a pleasant indoor climate. It absorbs moisture from the air and releases it again.

What you should consider when caring

Floors and their coverings are claimed daily. And although parquet is resilient and durable, it requires a certain care for it. Here and there are scratches or dents on the planks, which you can easily overcome with the right maintenance.

Even before the care itself is first to make sure that in multi-layer parquet (engineered parquet), the wear layer of the selected wood is as thick as possible, since during abrading about 0.5 millimeters are removed. Recommended by the dealer at least 3 millimeters.

For superficial scratches, there is furniture polish that can be used to try and polish away the bugs. Make sure, however, that they contain neither silicone or mineral oil derivatives, nor leave a thin film of lubricant, which attracts the dust.

The oiling of the parquet floor is particularly suitable for single and heavily worn floor areas (for example the swivel chair area at the workplace).

This eliminates the need to treat the entire floor and prevents ingress of other liquids. This process is advisable two to three times a year with special care oils.

For cleaning and care, for example, this product is recommended:

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