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Here you will find tips on invitations, theme parties, party games, déco, and recipes. A party does not always have to be a cultural event: the main thing is that it’s fun. Whether your guests are dancing, playing games or simply chatting, feeling comfortable and chilling is the order of the day. Whether wedding, birthday or high school graduation, there is still one or the other party highlight that you did not think about. We will help you with some tips and tricks; have a look

Clean the grill and remove the rust

Wind and weather leave rust on the grill and stains on the whole grill. Not very appetizing and above all unhygienic.

Baby Shower Schedule: When is the right time?

The idea comes – as so often – from the US, but also enjoys a growing popularity in this country: More and more pregnant women celebrate a baby shower! For this celebration, usually only female guests are invited to the forthcoming arrival […]

Storage and optimum drinking temperature of sparkling wine

The optimum drinking temperature of sparkling wine. So every sparkling wine is a pleasure. Also useful tips for proper storage and storage of sparkling wine in champagne bottles. Sparkling wine in the fridge also possible without corks.

7 homemade & refreshing summer drinks

Many homemade summer drinks and tips for refreshing summer drinks. Tasty and cool drinks are just the thing for the summer. Because especially in the hot season, it is important that you drink enough. Unfortunately, most purchased drinks contain a lot of sugar and […]

8 theme party />

Tips for planning and many useful party ideas for a great theme party. Normal parties and birthday parties hardly lure anyone out of the house. Today something more must be offered, so that a party really gets rolling. Particularly popular are the so-called […]

Halloween party for kids

For a successful Halloween party is more than the breathtaking decoration of real cobwebs and ghosts. Yes, you would like to be a child nowadays. Especially at Halloween time, when the days get shorter, the weather is more uncomfortable, the shadows are longer […]

Cool beer & Make the beer cold

Many useful tips to cool beer in summer and cold beer. Cool beer in the garden without electricity and without a fridge. Cooling beer There are some normal ways to put beer in the fridge when it’s going very fast […]

Nice salads for grilling

Many nice salads for grilling in summer at a glance. Grilling is just part of every summer. Most people love a grilled sausage or a grilled lumberjack steak. But what would be the grilled food without the appropriate side dishes? As grilled side dishes are […]

The 10 best summer cocktails

The 10 best summer cocktails collected for you. What could be better than sitting in the summer on a balcony or terrace, listening to relaxed music and enjoying the sunset with a nice cocktail in your hand? Cocktails can be […]

Tips for a perfect picnic

Finally the sun is laughing outside and the birds are chirping in the trees. What could be better than a picnic with the family? Sit together, enjoy goodies and the kids can let off steam – and the best – all in […]

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