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On August 1st, 2008 is this new child education law (Kibiz) came into force. It strengthens and intensifies the educational mandate in day care centers and meets today’s requirements.

BaSIK is understood as an integrated principle that runs through everyday teaching and reaches all children of the facility.
Be it at breakfast, in role play or in the sandpit. In everyday life, numerous language education opportunities arise that need to be recognized and used. Language acquisition is to be made easier by creating a language-stimulating environment.
We also use the BaSIK observation sheets as language development observations. These enable us to take a close look at the language skills of each individual child.
The observation is carried out once a year. This gives us the opportunity to see the individual language development progress of each child. Based on these results, targeted language support offers can be derived.

The facility creates structures to meet different and individual needs, because everyone has the right to be part of society.
The aim is to enable the development and coordination of human dispositions and talents in a common learning process in order to have the best possible relationship with yourself (self-competence), the environment (material competence) and the ideal world (meaning competence) to reach. Own resources are in the foreground. Quint provides detailed / long-term documentation for every integration child.

Our pedagogical guidelines

It is important to us,
that we focus on the needs of children and parents.

It is important to us,
that the skills of the Children for Coping with the future.

It is important to us,
that the children develop independently instead of being occupied.

It is important to us,
to allow as much "happening" as possible in our rooms. That is part of it,
that we accept the "childlike liveliness" and play noise and a lot of movement allow.

It is important to us,
that the necessary rules and agreements are adhered to despite the great freedom.

It is important to us,
that we encourage children positively so that their self-confidence increases.

It is important to us,
that children become independent and creative, that’s why we restrict template work.

It is important to us,
to take children’s feelings seriously and not to smile at them.

It is important to us,
that we are "stimulators", "companions" and "helpers" for the children.

It is important to us,
to live a lively exchange with you as parents.

From our Christian image of man

People should like to come to us.

People should discover and experience their feelings and senses.
You can express them and learn to deal with them.

People should not only use their knowledge and skills in their own interest,
but also responsible for others and for creation.

People experience access to Christian faith through the figure of Jesus.
You should hear something about the past that is still valid today.

Our everyday kindergarten life is shaped by Christian values.
We don’t just keep words, we live them.
We want with everyone who comes to us,
be a living church.


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