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Dr. Nina Teubner

Practice for pediatric dentistry

Dr. Nina Teubner’s paediatric dentistry practice opened in Bad Homburg in May 2014 and was recently awarded second place in the “Germany’s most beautiful young practice” competition. Dr. Teubner and her team have specialised in the treatment of small patients. With playful elements, a practice was created in which not only the little ones but also the grown-ups feel at home. In an interview, the young business founder talks about her path into self-employment.

When entering the children’s dental practice, the little patients are immersed in a natural world of experience.

The mould concept integrates oval shapes into the entire practice.

The waiting area clearly stands out in terms of colour and thus appears to the little ones like a small world of its own.

The little patients have a lot to discover in the animal and plant landscape.

The entire corridor and treatment area is suitable for children. Everything that suggests a visit to the dentist is hidden.

The children are directly distracted by the dandelions on the wall and like to climb onto the treatment unit.

A second waiting area also impresses with its clearly recognisable shape and colour concept.

Always has a smile for your little patients: The practice owner Dr. Nina Teubner!

“I slipped into self-employment more by chance.” There were no concrete plans to start my own business, but then by chance I found a wonderful object in Bad Homburg and everything took its course. From the first contact with the landlords of the building areas, up to the actual lease it lasted then however still a while. But suddenly they had premises and knew: now the remaining activities like concept and personnel planning must follow and an appropriate partner for the conversion must be brought into the boat. During my time as a student and assistant I already had my first contact with Henry Schein. When it came to the concrete removal and installation of the equipment, I searched the Internet for the appropriate contact person and so the first contact to Steffen Hofmann of Henry Schein Frankfurt came about.

My practice concept is easy to explain: as a children’s dental practice, the child is our first priority. They are not small adults, they need treatment tailored to their individual needs. This starts with the reception in the practice: we always welcome the children first and then the parents. The furnishings and design are also completely child-friendly and not childish. For example, there is a small staircase at the reception with which the little ones are able to look over the counter or into the large aquarium. After the teeth have been counted, the children receive a coin for the toy vending machine, on which the small visitors can pull a toy as a reward after the treatment. When designing it was important to me that rather dignified colours dominate and one can come to rest. That’s why I consciously chose the concept “Mountain and Lake World”.

The planning took about a year before we were able to celebrate the official opening of our children’s dental practice on 12 May 2014. What was particularly nice about the implementation was the fact that the building was in its shell and that almost everything could be individually designed and planned. However, this also meant a little more planning effort, since it had to be carefully considered where, for example, one would like to have every socket, no matter how small. My advantage here was that I had already worked in a children’s dental practice before and the structure of such a practice was already clear to me. With these ideas and the floor plan planning, I exchanged ideas with Mrs Frischkorn and Mr Hansmann and discussed further planning together. Henry Schein completely took over the technical expertise such as the implementation of the technical rooms or the installation of the connections. I was very grateful that the dental dealer’s team was often directly involved in the construction meetings during the construction phase in order to answer questions about pipes, etc. I was very grateful to Henry Schein for his support. However, there were some stumbling blocks during the planning phase: due to supply shafts, the planning had to be changed once again, we had a water damage in the sterile room, one employee broke her kneecap during the hot phase and at the end we were assigned the wrong postcode of the city of Bad Homburg. Such events cost a lot of time and nerves and in between you think the world stops turning. In the aftermath you can smile a little bit about it, because in the end we were able to open on time in May despite all these obstacles.

I can only advise my young colleagues that a portion of courage and faith in one’s own project are half the battle. You should have a concept that stands like a rock in the surf – and you shouldn’t deviate from it. For example, there hasn’t been a pure children’s dental practice at this location yet. The positive feedback in the first months shows me that this remarkable project was worthwhile and this is an important motivation factor again.”

2nd place in “Germany’s most beautiful young practice”:

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