Pediatric dentist berlin moabit – your dental center in the middle

Pediatric dentist berlin moabit - your dental center in the middle

Pediatric Dentistry

Does your child need a pediatric dentist in Berlin Moabit? – We offer this particularly important component in our range of services

Fear of the dentist does not have to be: the best protection for dental health in children and the avoidance /> Health starts in the mouth. A healthy dental apparatus is particularly important for natural development in children.
From our professional experience in Norway, where pediatric dentistry plays a central role in health care, we recommend a visit to the pediatric dentist from the age of 1. The focus here is on advising parents on oral health. During this initial contact, topics such as fluoridation, pacifiers, water bottles and nutrition are also discussed. The other dates should then take place every six months. This also has the advantages that a positive relationship with the dentist is established and regular checks take place.

Children get used to the dentist early and playfully

Go to the dentist with children, e.g. to our pediatric dentist in Berlin Moabit, can become a challenge without the right preparation. For many children, the clinical environment, smells and noises are alien. It scares them. This complicates the necessary control and possibly necessary treatment. So that your child goes to the dentist without fear, you can prepare the visit at home. The little ones can also prepare a dental care routine, discussions and a playful approach for the important appointment. You can find out how to proceed here or at the Dental Center in Mitte, at your children’s dentist in Berlin Moabit.

Prepare to visit the dentist at home

The dentist’s visit can be prepared at home. This helps the child to get a positive basic attitude. Talk to your child and explain what you can do with your mouth and teeth. Discuss the tasks. Speaking, laughing, whistling, chewing, biting and much more make mouth and teeth possible. Explain that it is normal to go to the dentist and that the dentist is there to examine the teeth and “heal” them again. Therefore, everyone goes to their dentist and lets them look into their mouths and look for their teeth.

As a parent or relative, you are a role model. It is best to speak positively of your dental experience. If you are missing these, then convince yourself in our practice near U-Bahnhof Turmstraße. We will be happy to help you overcome your fear of the dentist and create positive experiences together with you. Negative stories could scare your child. Talk about the topic at home and create a calming atmosphere.

You should not and should not report on the treatment process for various examinations in too much detail. This can also disturb a child. As a pediatric dentist in Berlin Moabit, we explain the process to your child in positive and child-friendly words. Avoid certain words, such as syringes, teats or drills. Children have excellent imaginations, which could be a disadvantage in this case. Pain should also be left out. Nevertheless, you can make the little ones aware of certain things. Words like "press", "light pinch" or "tickle" seem harmless.

Promising rewards is also not a good idea. This could put your child under pressure to perform, otherwise it is afraid that it will not be good enough. Perhaps it is ashamed of its own fear and that would be rather counterproductive. Visiting the dentist is something normal and important. We treat our little patients in a playful manner and always strive for their well-being.

Small games as a big help

At home you can practice a little while brushing your teeth or afterwards. Perhaps you have been doing this for a long time now, by checking the cleaning results of the little ones. If not, you could start and ask from time to time or ask the kids to show their teeth. In this way you can explain to them that the dentist also looks for their teeth in this way.

In order to start your first or next visit to the dentist relaxed, it is advisable to be there 10-15 minutes earlier. This way your child can arrive in peace, familiarize themselves with the surroundings and maybe play or read a little more. Since children are the most attentive in the morning, the appointment should then be made. Provided it is possible.

Relaxed and relaxed for treatment

If the child wants to go to the treatment room alone, then leave it alone. It is in good and competent hands with our pediatric dentist in Berlin. If you want to or should accompany it, try to be relaxed and positive yourself. This is automatically transferred to your child. Just sit down as an observer and let our team take the lead.

In the treatment room, the dentist speaks directly to the little patients. Please understand that we take care of your child first and then you. We focus on the child and support it if you let your child answer it yourself. After the treatment you can of course praise the little ones. This will make your child more courageous and confident. After the treatment, we will be happy to clarify any open questions with you.

Pediatric dentist in Berlin Moabit

At our dental center in Berlin, we deal with children and anxiety patients every day. Our years of experience have trained us. We want to create positive experiences and take away the fear of the dentist from you and your child. We desensitize our patients for this. In a calm atmosphere, we explain all instruments and our approach in a manner appropriate to age. We also explain what is good and what is less good for the teeth. Together with you, we can overcome the fear of the dentist.

Use our special consultation hour for parents and children with our children’s dentist in Berlin for individual information, every Thursday afternoon.

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