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Hello, I am Dr. Anne Winkler – dentist and mother of two children. Children’s dentistry gives me great pleasure. I enjoyed treating children and young people right from the start of my professional life. It was logical to deepen this area. I successfully completed the pediatric dentistry curriculum. Now I’m happy to offer this focus in our family dentist’s office.

With healthy teeth, the foundation stone for a healthy life is laid in childhood. In order to achieve this, we also involve trained colleagues. In the event of misaligned teeth or speech disorders, we contact our network and consider a good way of treatment with you and the children.

Of course, it is part of our family dental practice: pediatric dentistry!
Appointments are quite easy under 0228 440618.

Pediatric dentistry in Bonn?
Exactly our passion!

First our little patients come up with the pram: the pram! Attentive parents present their baby to their pediatric dentist with the first tooth. And before you know it, real schoolchildren cycle to us in family practice.

Pediatric dentistry in Bonn? Exactly our passion!

  • screening
  • individual prophylaxis
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Putz training
  • dentures
  • Emergency treatment after a dental accident

That goes in our practice for pediatric dentistry

At ease and curious – that’s how children are allowed to explore our practice for children’s dentistry. First we get to know each other. The babbling baby tells us as much as a curious elementary school kid. What if a young patient is silent? That’s okay too. We know that children don’t always shine like the sun.

Children are entitled to three dental examinations for early diagnosis:

  • 1. Appointment between two and a half and three and a half years
  • 2. Appointment between four years and one month and four years and four months
  • 3. Appointment between five and six years

At the latest when all teeth are visible, children should come to us twice a year.
We then have a few exciting topics in store:

  • Putz training
    We don’t just show children how to properly brush their teeth. Because the little ones up to the age of eight are not yet able to do that. Mom and Dad should help. So: Everyone get to the brush!
  • Healthy eating
    Is also our topic. How about the sugar? And why aren’t carrots just good for the eyes? We talk about it.
  • caries prevention
    We also explain the value of fluoride for caries prophylaxis. Which toothpaste is good for children? In some cases, we seal the teeth with a varnish so that the tooth enamel does not offer a surface for caries.

Just bring your child with you if you have an appointment with us again! The little ones experience the natural handling of the dental examination in a relaxed manner.

Our individual prophylaxis for children

I want that, too! Children like to imitate their parents and siblings. Professional prophylaxis makes no difference. Thanks to your healthy mouth behavior, group prophylaxis in kindergarten and school, as well as the preventive check-ups, the children realize that healthy begins in the mouth.

These are the steps of our individual prophylaxis for children from the age of six:

  • Staining the teeth, making plaque visible.
  • Optimize cleaning technology.
  • Use dental floss correctly.
  • Cleaning, polishing and fluoridating the teeth.
  • Seal the recesses in the molars.

Our individual prophylaxis is the optimal basis for thorough oral hygiene at home. Rituals help to clean thoroughly in the mornings and evenings and also to shape healthy eating habits. Dr. Anne Winkler gives you practical and sensitive tips so that your child grows healthy teeth.

Dental children’s passport for prevention:
We would be happy to note all the preventive medical examinations – for your own overview and for submission to the health insurance company.
We would be happy to advise you 0228 440618.

Dental practice Dr. Winkler
Königswinterer Str. 675
53227 Bonn-Oberkassel

The entrance is opposite Baumstrasse 3

phone 0228 440618
e-mail [email protected]
MO 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
DI 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
MI 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
DO 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
FR 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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