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dental treatment for families, children and adolescents

A visit to the children’s dentist can be fun?

In the children’s dental practice Kinderzahn in Munich, definitely!

Beautiful and healthy children’s teeth play a particularly important role in our lives. They are there to smile, eat, speak, sing, whistle and help you develop a strong personality.

Our children’s dental practice in Munich focuses on children and healthy teeth. No matter whether your milk tooth shakes, a tooth has broken off, you are afraid of the dentist or you have a small hole – we will help you and are there for you.

In our children‘s dental practice in Munich North we arouse the child’s curiosity and the willingness to cooperate with your child. Because, as you know, children are particularly open to everything new. We have done everything possible to make this possible. Many years of dental training (children’s dentistry) and experience, a dentist’s practice optimally geared towards dental children’s treatment and a great treatment concept.

We know what children like, ensure relaxation and a good atmosphere. In order to prepare yourself and your child for a visit to us, we have put together a lot of information about our dentist’s practice, treatment and prophylaxis options on the following pages. We highly recommend the treatment and dental information. Our pediatric dentists are happy to accompany your child from birth to adolescence. In our dental practice in Munich at the Arabellapark, your child receives optimal dental care right from the start. For this reason, we also offer a toothbrush school, children’s dentistry, laser caries diagnosis, tooth-colored fillings and dental care in the event of a dental accident. And for very bad children veneers. We can also advise you on your child’s toothache, such as herpes or mouth sores. We guarantee you a treatment concept tailored to your child’s needs. In pediatric dentistry, our dentists pay particular attention to child-friendly treatment and also offer orthodontic care. We have been able to solve many problems, such as ringing the ears, neck tension or headaches, especially when grinding our teeth and using denture splints. As you can see on our homepage, we have adapted the atmosphere of the children’s dental practice Kinderzahn in Munich North to your child. We always meet your children at eye level and look forward to your visit. Your dentist A. Aljawad

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