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Pediatric dentist – Anxiety-free and child-friendly dental treatment in the pediatric dentist’s office without pain

So that you and your child feel comfortable, your pediatric dentist in Berlin (pediatric dentist) will be happy to take enough time. In this way you can familiarize yourself with the respective child treatment concept and your child can gain confidence.

The pediatric dentist in the pediatric dentist’s office often begins with dental treatment of the deciduous teeth in the form of a brace in the child due to tooth misalignment. Pediatric dentists specializing in pediatric dentistry are therefore careful to make every dental treatment as stress-free as possible for the little patients and use various dental methods to guarantee optimal tooth care from the start.

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How do I find a pediatric dentist or a pediatric dentist??

More and more pediatric dentists are aware of the special requirements that the treatment of small patients places on them. This starts with the equipment of the practice up to the special requirements in the context of the treatment.

You will receive information on Berlin dentists specially trained in pediatric dentistry

  • on the Internet via search engines and testimonials,
  • via the Federal Association of Pediatric Dentists,
  • the German Society for Pediatric Dentistry (DGKiZ)
  • Your health insurance and
  • about recommendations from friends from kindergarten and school.

What is important for a good dentist for children?

If a child experiences the first and all subsequent visits to the dentist positively, he will not build up irrational fears about the dentist in the future. In addition to the child’s playful preparation for the dentist’s visit by the parents, the pediatric dentist and his team make an indispensable contribution to storing the examinations and treatments in practice as a pleasant reminder.

You will recognize a good pediatric dentist’s office as soon as you enter the practice room.

  • Child-friendly equipment in the form of a waiting area specially designed for children.
  • The treatment room is friendly and child-friendly, from the chair to the pictures on the wall
  • A pediatric dentist takes enough time and answers all questions of the little patients.
  • Special treatment methods such as drilling without drilling noises and pain-free local anesthesia are among the basic treatment options.
  • A pediatric dentist always takes the time the child needs.

In addition to these requirements, a pediatric dentist and the team working with the children must have great empathy. Impatience or time pressure are out of place when treating children. Listen to your gut feeling and especially your child!

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How important is the situation in practice?

Good accessibility by public transport or by car is an important criterion when looking for the right pediatric dentist. At the latest when the child needs braces or treatment with multiple appointments. In these cases, the effort for the journey should be within reasonable limits for the child and yourself. A good connection at all times of the day by bus and train is just as important as the sufficient number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the practice.

If you have a toothache or a dental accident, it is important that you can take your child to the dentist quickly – anything else would be an ordeal. At such moments, Berlin shows its size when your pediatric dentist is an hour’s drive away. If you are dependent on public transport, the journey will take an unnecessarily long time. If you have to drive your own car across Berlin, for example, this also leads to long delays.

Inadequate parking space delays urgent treatment. This is also an uncomfortable situation for normal check-ups, which is why it makes sense to look for the right pediatric dentist in the immediate vicinity.

The first visit to the dentist in the children’s dental practice and the preparation

The first visit to the pediatric dentist in Berlin should take place after the first milk teeth have been broken through. The earlier the child goes to the dentist, the better. This way, not only fears can be avoided.

Tooth decay diseases or jaw misalignments can be counteracted at a young age with the beginning of the first children’s tooth, so that the young patients have little problems with their teeth when they grow up. One of the most important goals is that the young patients accept ordinary dental treatments without fear and are not afraid of going to the children’s dentist’s office. This can be practiced at home before the first visit to the dentist.

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Good preparation

Before the child’s first visit to the dentist, parents should provide good psychological preparation. You can do this e.g. B. by a "played dentist visit". Let your child play the dentist once and have children’s teeth counted, look into their mouths and tell the child what it will be like at the children’s dentist. Statements like "It won’t hurt" or something similar should be avoided as your child will quickly notice that it could hurt.

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time planning

It is important that you bring a lot of time and prefer to appear in practice a little before your appointment. This gives your child enough time to discover everything in the waiting room and also in the treatment room and to familiarize themselves with the dentist’s instruments. A good pediatric dentist will be happy to take the time to show your child the instruments and also explain the intended use.

First dental examination

During the first examination at the pediatric dentist in Berlin, it is best to record only the condition of the oral health and development of the teeth. Caries is a big issue, especially for young patients.

After the first visit, we recommend tooth decay prevention to maintain dental health. With untreated active tooth decay, teeth can be lost even in children. A child’s prosthesis, which is used by the dentist, quickly becomes necessary in order to create optimal conditions for later tooth eruption.

How often with the child to become a specialist in pediatric dentistry?

The first visit to the pediatric dentist ideally takes place when the first milk teeth break through at the age of six to eight months. After the milk molars show up at the age of 16 to 18 months, the next visit to the dentist is on the schedule. / p>

The third inspection of the toddler’s teeth takes place at around 30 months of age. The milk dentition is now complete.

The German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine recommends regular checks every six months; three months is better. These preventive examinations are of great importance: after all, about 15% of all young children under three years of age suffer from caries. Further advantages of close inspection appointments are the building of a relationship of trust between the child and the dentist. At the same time, your pediatric dentist in Berlin recognizes possible misaligned teeth, which he can influence early on.

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Dental treatment through painless anesthesia by a pediatric dentist in Berlin

With anesthetic surface gels with a pleasant taste in raspberry, banana, cherry and apple, the dentist eases the unpleasant injection of the anesthetic syringe. In addition, ultra-fine injection needles with controlled, pressure-free delivery of local anesthesia are used in children, so that your child feels little pressure and the fear of the pediatric dentist can be nipped in the bud.

In children, intraligamentary anesthesia, i.e. the anesthesia of a limited treatment area, is attractive due to the easily controllable duration of the anesthesia and the lack of soft tissue anesthesia. By using computer-controlled local anesthesia devices at the pediatric dentist, the feeling of pressure can be significantly reduced.

At the pediatric dentist with hypnosis in Berlin

For anxious little patients, treatment under hypnosis is recommended, which the children’s dentist Dr. Seidel from Berlin has been using it for a long time. However, since children can concentrate for less time, some special features must be taken into account here. The pediatric dentist is excellently trained in the initiation of hypnosis in children and carries it out individually for your child. However, you as parents take on an important part before you visit the dentist by preparing your child for it.

At the pediatric dentist without drilling noises

Drilling noises can be very unpleasant not only for the small patients. That is why many Berlin practices use shielding headphones when the drill has to be used. Dreaded suction and drilling noises are hidden at the children’s dentist.

Dental prophylaxis and fissure sealing in children’s teeth

The child-friendly treatment method in pediatric anesthesia and deep sleep by the pediatric dentist is particularly suitable for complex restorations of children’s teeth. The dental fear of the subsequent routine examinations in the practice is thereby nipped in the bud.

Because your child is accustomed to regular visits to the dentist at a pediatric dentist in Berlin early on, successful prophylaxis measures such as professional tooth cleaning and fluoridation can be carried out and major interventions can be kept to a minimum.

The highest goal is a lifelong healthy set of teeth with which your child can live long-term with the beginning of the first children’s tooth.

How much are the costs for the pediatric dentist?

Visiting a pediatric dentist per se does not incur any additional costs. The only exception are alternative and higher quality restorations of the teeth. A normal cement filling of a tooth is entirely covered by the health insurance. The statutory health insurance only pays pro rata costs for the higher quality plastic filling. If the fissure is sealed, the health insurance only covers the costs of the permanent molars. You pay for the sealing of milk teeth or permanent front, canine and small molars as a private service. Ideally, you should discuss the costs of special treatments with your pediatric dentist in Berlin in advance.

Pediatric Dentist Dr. Seidel in Berlin

The team of the children’s dental practice Dr. Seidel in Berlin is geared specifically to the needs of small patients in the field of children’s dentistry. We playfully explore the fascinating world of dental health and children’s dentistry together with the children. If treatment is necessary, we ensure a relaxed and calm atmosphere, from painless anesthesia to drilling without the child noticing drilling noises. Special headphones filter the unpleasant noises and your child experiences the treatment relaxed and calm.

When you enter our dental practice, you and your child receive a bright and friendly atmosphere. Our entire team is well trained in the treatment of children and their special needs and carefully accompanies your children through check-ups and treatments.

Our range of services includes all prophylactic measures indispensable for children’s dental health as well as all dental services in pediatric dentistry. If, contrary to expectations, complex refurbishment is unavoidable, we offer child-friendly dental treatments in special pediatric anesthesia or in deep sleep. Together with you as parents, we promote a stable basis for your child for a life with healthy teeth.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of anxiety-free children’s dentistry??

Then call us now and make an appointment for a free and non-binding consultation with the pediatric dentist:

Dr. med. dent. Frank Seidel, dentist for oral surgery, TSP implantology and pediatric dentist
Tel .: 033203 – 85200, 14532 Kleinmachnow near Berlin (Potsdam Mittelmark)

Live in another corner of Berlin? Read on to find out exactly how to find the pediatric dentist who will accompany your child into a future without dentist fear and a life with healthy teeth.

What options do I have to find a pediatric dentist in Berlin??

Many parents go with their children to their own dentist who has been with them for many years. But the dentist of trust, whom you trust in all respects as an adult patient, is not always suitable for your own child. Because although a dentist shows a high professional level and great empathy when treating adult patients, he does not necessarily have to bring this talent to children.

For these cases, there are many specialist pediatric dentists to choose from in Berlin.

Portal of the Federal Association of Pediatric Dentists:
Enter in the menu item "Children dentist" the zip code of the Berlin district in which you live. The portal shows you all pediatric dentists in Berlin, including all important information. You will also receive precise information on how far the practice is from where you live.

Dental Association Berlin:
The given link leads you directly to the dentist search of the Berlin Dental Association. In the Search terms area, select the term under the field of activity "Dentistry" and enter your area of ​​residence. The results are presented as a simple list with names, main areas of activity, address and telephone number.

QIEZ – your Berlin district portal:
The Berlin district portal introduces pediatric dentists, among others. Here you can also find many other medical practices in Berlin.

An alternative to the various search portals is to search via Google Maps in the Berlin region or better district. Enter the search term "Pediatric dentist + district" on Google, you will receive a map with the location of all children’s dentists in your area. There is also a detailed list of all pediatric dentists practicing in Berlin and any evaluations by other parents.

It is also recommendable to have a personal exchange with other parents in your area whom you trust – in daycare or at school, for example. And for children, a dentist appointment is so much fun when the best friend is at the same dentist.

Call us now and make an appointment for a free and non-binding consultation at:

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