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With small patients in particular, it is important to take away the fear of going to the dentist right from the start and to build a relationship of trust. As a pediatric dentist in Haidhausen, near Max-Weber-Platz, we want children to feel comfortable in our practice. We offer gentle, almost painless treatments and use modern, innovative techniques.

As a pediatric dentist, our goal is to introduce your child to maintaining optimal dental and oral health. With child-friendly treatment, every visit for our little patients becomes an experience that is only linked to pleasant memories.

Why should you go to a special pediatric dentist??

The visit to a children’s dentist sets the course for all further visits to the dentist that will follow in life. For this reason, the first check-ups should be as pleasant as possible. We have this as a pediatric dentist in Munich City.

In a friendly environment, we will show your child how to brush their teeth and what is required for daily dental care. Our specially trained staff knows what is important when treating small patients.

What treatments are carried out at the children’s dentist?

The treatment spectrum is wide. For example, we offer a special toothbrush school in our dental practice and can detect a tooth misalignment at an early stage. Other services that you can expect from us:

As a pediatric dentist, we treat all treatments with the utmost care and great empathy.

We also rely on modern technologies for the treatment of carious defects or other tooth diseases. In this way, we can offer our little patients almost painless treatment and effectively prevent fear of the dentist.

How often do you have to go to the children’s dentist?

A visit to a children’s dentist should take place at regular intervals, even if there are no acute complaints. This means that children lose fear of the dentist at an early stage or do not develop any fears at all. Similar to the pediatrician, there are also special early detection examinations in the dental field, in which malpositions or dental diseases are to be diagnosed at an early stage.

It is recommended that the first visit to the pediatric dentist take place at around three years of age. Until the age of 6, children should see a pediatric dentist once a year. After that, it makes sense to make an appointment with the pediatric dentist every 6 months. Carious defects or malposition can be diagnosed and treated early.

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