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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentist in Herne

Pediatric dentistry begins with the early check-up visit to the dentist

To familiarize your child with the visit to the Pediatric Dentist and develop a fearless relationship with him, you should bring it to the office as early as possible for check-ups. The playful introduction to the examinations creates positive experiences and thus trust. At the same time, parents are provided with important information for maintaining the oral health of infants.

Children and the fear of the dentist

Dentist fear can be avoided in many cases if pediatric dentistry is taken seriously. Often, dental anxiety develops as a child, when children come to the dentist for the first time, because they have severe toothache. When the first treatment is due for a toothache, the visit to the dentist is directly linked to pain and anxiety.
The pediatric dentistry provides a different introduction of the children at the pediatric dentist:

  • Early building up trust, even before the first problems occur
  • Playful treatment to give the child positive experiences

Early introduction in infancy

Playful dental treatment creates trust

For the short wait: Games in the pediatric dentistry practice

The pediatric dentistry prevents tooth problems

Both parents learn in pediatric dentistry how children’s teeth can be protected from caries, and the children learn how important good teeth handling is. The Pediatric Dentistry uses extensively in order to be able to maintain the healthy teeth as long as possible. Of the Visit to the pediatric dentist in Herne That’s why it’s not just important to possibly To recognize caries, but also to talk about the importance of To inform dental care.

The Pediatric Dentistry ensures, above all, she wants to act prophylactic. In the long term, this leads to significantly fewer problems with the teeth.

Prophylaxis for children’s teeth

From when should you go to the pediatric dentist?

The first time to the pediatric dentist from 6 years

In children, the prophylaxis program starts from the age of 6 years. Now the first permanent teeth come – hard and soft plaque are removed and your child gets tips to improve oral hygiene, use of fluoride and healthy diet to prevent tooth decay.

In particular, on the already remaining molars (the so-called six year molars) special attention is directed. Fissure sealing is often used here as a prophylactic measure for caries avoidance. The caries-prone regions of the chewing surfaces (the so-called fissures) will be closed with plastic in such a way that no more bacteria can penetrate. For children up to the age of 18 cash benefits.

From the twelfth year of age, the bonus system begins for the children. Every half year the stamp should be collected for the check-up examinations until the age of 18, so that your child can later be granted the full statutory health insurance bonus (for example, if dentures are required).

Aesthetic dentistry

Modern aesthetic dentistry can help nature.

Root canal treatment

With the means available today, a pain-free treatment is the rule.


We make sure that your teeth do not let up.


Dental prosthesis closes tooth gaps or prevents tooth loss.

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