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Healthy teeth from the start

In our dental practice at Karlstraße 27 in Karlsruhe, we pay special attention to the Preservation of dental health of Beginning on. We recommend it too the smallest bring them to the practice at the check-ups so that they can quickly get used to the surroundings, the pediatric dentist and the team.

From the very first milk tooth, parents should clean their teeth with a small, soft toothbrush and a tiny dab of toothpaste. If the children are able to do the cleaning themselves, the parents should do the cleaning again. From elementary school age, it works all by itself.

Children and adolescents we are particularly sensitive in our Karlsruhe dental practice and respond to your needs, questions and concerns about the prophylactic measures, examinations and treatments.

Our trained team sensitively cares for the more anxious patients and gently leads them to all the necessary steps that lead to one dental visit belong.

The Prevention of dental diseases is the focus of our actions:

Dear children and young people!

We explain to you and your parents when, how and with what you can brush your teeth properly. Both six-monthly checks at your pediatric dentist Dr. Vassilios Bursianis, let’s first look at your teeth and gums and examine whether the teeth and jaws are normal develop. Then our prophylactic assistants stain your teeth so that they can show you where you need to brush even more thoroughly. We apply fluoride gel to strengthen the tooth enamel. In addition, we offer you the Sealing of molar fissures to prevent tooth decay. Fissures are tiny furrows on the molars of the molars that are not easy to clean. Therefore they are sealed and you can easily brush them over a smooth chewing surface with the toothbrush.

Your pediatric dentist and his team take a lot of time, including you healthy teeth to explain. It is an important building block for your dental health.

For braces we offer professional teeth cleaning because there are more and more niches due to the brackets and arches in which dental plaque can form. It is important that you survive this time without tooth decay!

Necessary treatments, such as removing caries and inserting the filling material, are running absolutely painless from.

If you like to do sports, you should make sure to protect your teeth from possible injuries – an individually adapted one Mouthguard is a very good solution.

We look forward to your visit to our dental practice in Karlsruhe!
Your pediatric dentist Dr. Vassilios Bursianis and team


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