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For the health of your children

Regular dental checkups are also important for children. In a relaxed atmosphere, your child learns playfully that a visit to the dentist is more fun than burden. Our trained team is used to dealing with children in practice and looks forward to accompanying your child to a healthy future of teeth. During the half-yearly check-up, we check milk teeth and permanent teeth, the course of the change of teeth and the development of jaw growth. We are also your contact for all aspects of age-appropriate oral hygiene and would be happy to advise you on the right toothbrush, toothpaste or when an orthodontic treatment might become necessary. We also offer the service of a "toothbrush school" for your child.

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When does my child have to go to the dentist??

We generally recommend from the first milk tooth. Of course, it’s not much more than one in the beginning short Check whether everything is developing as it should. But your child will get used to us with lots of fun and games. The earlier a child gets used to a six-monthly visit to the dentist, the more natural it becomes for the rest of his life. You are also welcome to bring your child with you to your own check-ups so that it can be seen that mom or dad can get through them without any problems. Then the way to the chair is not so difficult anymore, but the child is rather looking forward to the fact that it’s finally his turn.

How can I prepare my child for a visit to the dentist?

With pure joy! That may sound strange, because you may not like going to the dentist yourself. But you can be sure if you tell your child that you are afraid that your child will be even more afraid. If, on the other hand, you convey to your child from the start that it goes without saying that you go to the dentist every six months and that they will have good experiences there, e.g. because the teeth are completely cleaned, then your child will automatically look forward to it and will good as well participate. It is also important to brush your teeth particularly well before you go to the dentist because the child will be happy to show them clean teeth. You don’t actually need to do much more beforehand.

Baby teeth aren’t that important, are they??

Milk teeth are even more important! Milk teeth are an important part of your child’s jaw development. they are not only important for perfect chewing, but are the signposts and placeholders for the permanent teeth. They only fail when the permanent tooth is shortly before or when it breaks through the gums. Therefore, the milk teeth must be kept as long as possible or as necessary. If a tooth decay occurs on a milk tooth, it is very important that the tooth decay is removed and the tooth is protected by a filling. In order to prevent tooth decay and to identify defects at an early stage, we recommend a semi-annual check-up.


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