Pediatric dentist, sure to laugh in munich-moosach

You don’t want your child to be afraid of the dentist and you have to persuade him to visit him every time? No problem! If little patients have positive experiences when visiting the dentist right from the start, they will benefit from it all their lives. Teeth that are cared for and checked from the start remain healthy and beautiful for a long time. Therefore, the first visit to the dentist should take place early and be designed to be child-friendly. At Sicherheit Lachen Moosach we offer the right treatment for patients of all ages.

Show tooth decay!

Milk teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay than permanent teeth, whose enamel is harder. That is why thorough and regular brushing at home is simply part of the job. During the inspection visits, we explain how your child is cleaning properly in a playful and age-appropriate manner. If brushing your teeth is fun, save yourself a lot of discussion. It is also important that all teeth are checked regularly so that caries that begins can be recognized and treated immediately. Professional teeth cleaning and fissure sealing are also recommended for prevention. The molars are sealed and tooth decay is optimally prevented. The earlier your child gets to know the dentist, the better! We recommend a check-up at the age of about nine months, but at the latest after the first teeth have broken through. Find out about the first dentist appointment at the Safe Laughter dental practice!

Learn playfully for long-term dental health

Well-groomed milk teeth lay the foundation stone for a Life with beautiful, healthy teeth. And who does not wish their child that they can always laugh safely? We take a lot of time to treat your child and explain to them in a playful and fearless, friendly atmosphere how important it is to brush your teeth properly. This is how our little patients learn that you don’t have to be afraid of the dentist. Should there be a toothache, your child already knows the dentist and is not afraid of the practice and the dental utensils. Of course we also advise you, as it is best to practice brushing your teeth with your child and how often the check-ups should be scheduled.

Anesthetic for little anxiety patients

Your children’s dentist at bei Sicherheit Lachen offers you a wide and professional range of services for every situation and for every childlike character. It is important to us that children like to go to the dentist and are not afraid of an appointment. Only then will your child evaluate their dental health positively and learn how to deal with daily oral hygiene on their own. We can therefore treat small anxiety patients together with our professional anesthesia-team treat under general anesthesia. In our experience, this gentle method is particularly suitable for more complex dental treatment, since your child will not notice anything about the dental treatment and only has to come to "repair teeth" once.


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