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As your family practice for Bühl, Rastatt and Baden-Baden, we would also like to create the basis for lifelong dental and oral health for your offspring. As parents, you will be asked to work hand in hand with us to ensure that your child’s visit to the dentist is a positive experience right from the start.

Together with you we will ensure a healthy, radiant children’s laugh!

Cleaning SchoolOur goal is to provide holistic children’s dentistry that introduces our young patients to the subject of oral hygiene and healthy nutrition in an age-appropriate, sensitive and loving atmosphere. In our cleaning school your child learns the techniques for the correct use of toothbrush, dental floss and other dental care aids in a playful way. Our trained team at Zahnarztpraxis Bühl will also ensure that your child develops an awareness of the connection between nutrition and dental health. So caries & co. are guaranteed to have no chance!

Individual prophylaxisAs your family dentist Bühl, we attach great importance to individual prophylaxis, especially for this young age group. Conscientious oral hygiene is essential, not only for milk teeth but also for permanent teeth, in order to avoid painful long-term consequences and disorders in your child’s speech and jaw development. From the tooth brushing school to tooth sealing and fluoridation, we cover all aspects of young dental care. We tailor our individual prophylaxis concept to the age and condition of your child’s teeth, so that your child not only has healthy teeth, but also fun. An important part of our children’s dental prophylaxis is professional tooth cleaning, which is an important supporting measure for keeping your child’s teeth healthy from an early age.

Please feel free to contact us for individual prophylaxis of your child!

All teeth that have an uneven surface are particularly susceptible to caries due to the accumulation of bacteria and food residues in the grooves and pits. Even with a toothbrush, these areas cannot be cleaned reliably. With so-called fissure sealing, we ensure effective caries prevention for young children’s teeth. The gaps in the tooth are closed in such a way that the settlement of plaque is prevented. Before we seal the teeth, we assess the health of the teeth, the so-called tooth status. If there is already caries on the teeth, it is gently removed and the defect is repaired with filling therapy. Therapeutic fissure sealing can then follow. In the case of healthy teeth, sealing can take place without any problems – this is referred to as preventive fissure sealing.

FluoridationThe fluoridation protects the outer part of the teeth, the enamel, from caries. Every day, the enamel is attacked by acids contained in food, so that it becomes porous over time. At the same time, this increases the risk of bacteria settling on the tooth and caries developing. A sufficient supply of fluoride and regular professional fluoridation by your dentist protect the tooth against harmful acids. Depending on your child’s individual susceptibility to caries and fluoride anamnesis, your child’s dentist will decide the frequency at which fluoridation makes sense. Brushing teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste or the use of fluoride-containing table salt can also help protect children’s teeth. The excessive intake of fluoride should, however, also be avoided, as otherwise the teeth will become discoloured.

FillingsDental diseases in children’s teeth are not a pleasant experience, which is why we as your dentist at Bühl always try to reliably prevent caries & Co. with individual prophylaxis and your cooperation as parents. Nevertheless, it can always happen that your child has one or more teeth. In this case it is necessary to remove the caries and then fill the resulting “hole”. When removing the diseased tooth substance, we proceed particularly gently and gently in order to preserve as much healthy tooth substance as possible. Then we restore the damaged tooth with the help of filling materials. Your child does not have to be afraid of the operation, because our sensitive dentists are trained in painless, child-friendly treatment. We, your dentist Bühl, will also find a suitable treatment solution together with you for patients with great dental anxiety so that your child’s teeth are healthy and strong again.

Milk crownsMilk cheek teeth that can no longer be filled due to excessive caries should be preserved until a certain age because they fulfil an important chewing function and serve as placeholders for the following teeth. By treating the teeth with specially prepared crowns, we at our dental practice in Bühl make it possible to preserve the milk cheek teeth and the chewing function until the permanent tooth breaks through.

Dodontic milk teethThe sensitive milk teeth of your child run a much faster risk of being affected by caries than the permanent teeth, because the tooth nerve of milk teeth is much larger and the surrounding tooth substance thinner. If a tooth affected by tooth decay is simply filled, there may be a painful inflammation at the root of the tooth, which can also cause damage to the following permanent tooth due to a fistula or swelling of the cheek. To prevent this, the treating dentist removes the affected part of the nerve so that the tooth can remain healthy. Finally, we treat the tooth with a protective milk tooth crown.

Gap holderIf a milk cheek tooth is destroyed to such an extent that it can no longer be preserved, the tooth must be removed. In order to maintain the natural function and development of the masticatory organ, the gap must be closed. In contrast to adults, however, the gap must not be closed by a definitive dental prosthesis. We, your dentist Bühl, recommend the use of a placeholder instead, which takes over the function of a milk tooth with the growing jaw in place of the removed tooth: Keep the necessary space free for the second teeth. There are both fixed and removable gap holders – we will decide together with you which option is suitable in each individual case.

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