Pediatric dentistry munich (pasing) »practice dr

Pediatric dentistry munich (pasing) »practice dr

Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry in Munich (Pasing)

The first visit to the dentist is a formative event that children should definitely experience positively. Otherwise, there may be latent fear of the dentist, which will significantly impair dental health. We recommend that you consult us briefly before you make an appointment for your child in our practice for pediatric and adolescent dentistry in Munich (Pasing) for the first time.

By deliberately choosing words and behaviors in advance of the first dentist appointment, you can make a strong contribution to your child getting one positive basic attitude to dental care formed. Of course, we do everything we can to make sure that children and young people feel comfortable in our practice. We impart necessary knowledge about dental care and nutrition in child-friendly language and thus lay the foundation for good dental health.

Pediatric and adolescent dentistry in brief

  • Stress-free experience of the first dentist appointments
  • Advice and explanations in age-appropriate language
  • Comprehensive prevention and prophylaxis
  • Early correction of malpositions in a gentle way

Dental care and nutrition

The foundation stone for permanent dental health is often laid at a young age. With our sensitive and understandable advice on dental care and nutrition, we can convince children and adolescents in age-appropriate language to always take good care of their teeth.

Milk teeth and seals

Milk teeth should be preserved until the permanent teeth break through. Because they fulfill important functions for the development of the jaw. Early loss of milk teeth often leads to a lack of space for the permanent teeth. An uneven load when chewing can promote jaw misalignment and cause various other health problems. It is therefore often sensible to preserve severely damaged milk teeth using special children’s crowns.

Another important aspect of pediatric dentistry at your dentist in Munich (Pasing) is the sealing of teeth with a furrowed or fissured surface. Because food fissures can quickly accumulate in such fissures and lead to the spread of dangerous bacteria. The seal provides endangered teeth with effective protection against caries for several years.

Early corrections

Misalignments of teeth and jawbones can be corrected more effectively and quickly in the growth phase. Stand up to modern dentistry highly efficient clamps and clips available that hardly form an aesthetic impairment.

Your friendly practice for pediatric and adolescent dentistry

In our friendly practice for pediatric and adolescent dentistry in Munich (Pasing) we lay the foundation for permanent dental health. Simply make an appointment at 089 – 888 000 or use our online appointment – we look forward to providing the best possible support for healthy tooth development.

Dentist Munich (Pasing)
Dr. Frank Baumgart

Planegger Strasse 12
81241 Munich Pasing

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