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Dear parents and children,
we are constantly striving to be up-to-date and binding for your and your questions on this topic.

There are three important pillars for your or your children’s dental health:

  • regular visits to the dentist
  • healthy teeth
  • optimal oral hygiene

We also specialize in child-friendly and child-friendly treatment.


Your child has the first molars from the age of two. The bacteria settle on the uneven surfaces of the new teeth. From now on, brushing your teeth is essential and the first visit to the dentist is due.


We have been established in the PAN Clinic on Neumarkt for 12 years – founded by Dr. E. N. Eichhorn and Dr. A. A. Teymourtash. Miss Dr. Katja Trennheuser has been taking care of our little patients for 10 years. She saw many children growing and accompanied them on the way as a pediatric dentist. A team with enthusiasm and a lot of sense for your health.

children dentist

On the topics of our specialized pediatric dentist, Dr. Trennheuser, count:

  • Appropriate behavior with games, music and stories to get used to a fearless visit to the dentist
  • Prophylaxis and a comprehensive education of children about teeth
  • Prevention and behavior in dental accidents
  • Early detection and child-friendly care of tooth defects to reduce consequential damage and consequential costs in the permanent dentition

Most health insurance companies offer a caries check-up from the age of 2 years and 6 months.

In any case, your child should have got to know the dentist before the first hole in the tooth. This is the only way to ensure treatment that is stress-free for the child.

dental accidents

Falls, sports accidents or other violent effects on the face and teeth:
If you experience a fracture, chipping, knocking, or loosening of the tooth, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Even if there is no tooth damage at first, you should go to a dentist’s check-up to document the incident. Consequential damage is then e.g. covered in case of school or work accidents.

Knocked out teeth:
must not be cleaned. They can be transported to the dentist in appropriate rescue boxes / tooth safes, which should be included in the emergency kit in schools and sports clubs. Alternatively, the tooth can be kept moist in UHT milk or plastic wrap. Is the tooth nowhere to be seen? Search the ground again carefully. The tooth could also be driven deep into the jaw. Your dentist can determine this.

Broken tooth parts:
should also be kept moist. Your dentist can usually reattach them.

In our brochure "Dental Health for Children" you will find the answers to the most important questions about your child’s dental health

  • Why are baby teeth so important??
  • Why do teeth get sick??
  • What is part of a tooth-healthy diet?
  • A clean tooth doesn’t get sick!

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