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Pediatric Dentistry

Our website is currently under construction. On this page we would like to give you a brief overview of our range of treatments in pediatric dentistry. We will shortly be providing further interesting and helpful information on each of these important topics.

prophylaxis is not only the prevention for healthy teeth, but for a healthy body. Viewed holistically, the three pillars of prophylaxis are nutrition, fluoride and oral hygiene. In this area we advise and look after our patients on the topics of nutritional advice, professional tooth cleaning, fissure sealing, fluoridation measures and oral hygiene (tooth brushing school).

fillings are available in different materials and qualities. The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs for the use of glass ionomer cement and the use of amalgam fillings, which we do not offer for health reasons.

The glass ionomer cement is a yellowish cement filling that is softer than plastic and unfortunately can fall out unnoticed. In contrast to the high-quality composite: This tooth-colored plastic is connected to the tooth in three treatment steps. The material lasts significantly longer, is more stable under pressure and has much less formation of marginal gaps and consequent caries.

In any case, we try to save what can be saved. In the Milchzahnendodontie we treat the already inflamed tooth nerve so your child

  • is pain free again
  • the tooth remains intact and secures the place for the renewable tooth
  • the permanent tooth is not damaged by the inflammation of the milk tooth

children crowns we use when a milk molar tooth is already so badly damaged that it can no longer be repaired with filling material. Depending on the findings, we use steel crowns in the posterior region and Frasaco crowns (all-round fillings made of composite) in the anterior region. In a personal conversation with you, we clarify why and which crown is necessary in the case of your child.

In our practice, no patient has to feel pain. From local anesthesia to sedation methods such as hypnosis to sedation or general anesthesia, we can meet all of our patients’ personal requirements and the intensity of treatment.

After all, our personal goal with every treatment is to see your child laugh again.

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