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We are there for all children!

In our clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine, we offer therapies that only a few centers worldwide can offer at this level. With decades of experience and consistent research in the field of pediatric medicine, we enable children and adolescents from Munich and around the world to receive comprehensive and individually tailored treatment.



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Together we can achieve a lot for our children and young people.

Strong cooperation in the heart of Munich

Our clinic in Munich Schwabing – the clinic and polyclinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine – is a joint facility of the Clinic on the right of the Isar the Technical University of Munich and the Munich Clinic Schwabing.

With its professionally trained and experienced doctors and highly qualified nurses, the Clinic for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is committed to the health and well-being of its young patients around the clock.

University high-performance medicine and modern, child-friendly care

Few clinics in Germany have such highly specialized expertise in the treatment of children and adolescents as we do.

Research and training are part of the clinic in addition to health care. We provide information on teaching, current projects, publications, doctorate, .

Information about our spectrum and further training opportunities at the Schwabing Children’s Hospital

Your direct route to us

We are there for you and your children! How you can come to us quickly and easily, contact us or make an appointment, Experienced You here.

Quick help for children & Young people – children’s emergency centers- & Adolescent medicine and pediatric surgery can be reached at any time.

We introduce ourselves personally

Learn the big one team know the clinic under the medical supervision of Prof. Burdach: specialists, therapists, ward managers, educators, .

We provide information on the stations with addresses and contacts and present the childcare options (school, harlequin).

Opened as an outpatient clinic for childhood diseases in 1899, the history of children’s medicine in the north of Munich has been successfully continued to this day.

Events, news and your support

We report on news, interesting topics and show you the pictures from the clinic.

Are you interested in a job in our clinic? Here you will find current vacancies.

Your support for the children’s clinic – we work with funding associations. There are also many things that we can only do with the help of donations.

Shining eyes in pediatric oncology

Santa Claus visited children’s oncology in Schwabing. Who accompanied him? Thomas Gottschalk himself.

NEW: Special consultation hours for boys

For girls, a seamless transition from pediatrician to gynecologist is quite normal. Something is still missing for boys. You will now receive your own offer.

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For my health. At any time.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Schwabing

In our clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine, we offer therapies that only a few centers worldwide can offer at this level. Benefit in the joint establishment of the Clinic on the right bank of the Isar of the Technical University of Munich and our clinic the small Patients with decades of experience and consistent research. We have set up a variety of special consultation hours for children.

Research in the children’s clinics in Munich

Throughout Munich, our pediatricians, but also the pediatric nurses, are committed to caring for little patients in a caring and child-friendly manner. At the same time, families can rely on the use of modern, scientifically sound diagnostic and therapy procedures. Our pediatricians support research on new approaches within the framework of a variety of studies.


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