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Peekaboo Barn. The bestselling toddlers app in the test

One in the USA & UK very successful * App for toddlers or even babies is “Peekaboo Barn”. In a typical farm barn farm animals hide and wait for someone to open the big barn door. * 12 million users

If you want, you can set the funny peep-look-game yourself and spice it up.

In the closed barn, an animal always knocks at the gate and calls out to you. Only with the help of the animal voice, the children can guess which animal makes the wheel. At the touch of a button, the gate opens and you see if you guessed right.

A baby voice calls the animal’s name, which is faded in at the same time. The next tap on the screen closes the gate again and the guessing game starts again.

Peekaboo Barn is out of the box in English – German customers should invest another 0.79 € in an in-app purchase for European languages. A little naughty and not necessary!

Tip: The toddler app offers a recording function that allows you to retouch any animal and even the final sequence.

This can be done in 5 minutes and also has the advantage of increasing the pedagogical added value by giving the animals e.g. Add properties, e.g. “The fluffy sheep” or “the tired cat”.

Some older toddlers also like to discuss the app themselves. Incidentally, you can also edit the text for free, which takes a little longer.

if this app was designed especially for toddlers, the graphics and animations are sufficient.

In the main menu, the options with the in-app purchase are moderately secured with a simple double-click and right next to it there is an outgoing, unprotected link. Fortunately, once you start the game, the kids will not have access to the area anymore.

Otherwise, the game of hide-and-seek with the farm animals will make toddlers happy and will not overwhelm them in any way. If you have to search in each children’s app pedagogical permission, you will find this in the pronunciation of the animal names, possibly even bilingual.

We love the small night scene at the end, which gives the app a certain “bedtime story component”.

Here you can download the apps for your kids:

Toddler App Developer: Night & Day studios
Kids App Test is based on version 4.3

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