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The best bikes from Pegasus at a glance.

Do you like to ride a bike often but prefer to sit on a winged, noble horse rather than on a bike? Than are the well-equipped and comfortable bikes from Pegasus the fulfillment of your dreams.

If you want to know, which of the many bicycle models available from the traditional German manufacturer is right for you and which purchase criteria you should pay attention to, look for it now in our test or comparison table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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Pegasus bike comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Model * Pegasus Avanti Sport (women)
at Amazon *
Bike Type Trekking Bike
For men | For ladies
Available frame heights
  • 53 cm
Material frame aluminum
light, stiff
Wheel Size 28 inches
gear shift 21-speed derailleur
braking system Aluminum V-Brakes
backpedal brake No
Front | behind
Hub dynamo | sidelights
Luggage rack | fenders
Bicycle stand Yes
fork Yes
  • very many gears
  • very good brake
  • particularly good suspension
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Pegasus Avanti Sport (women)
To offer * To offer "
Available at *

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  • The manufacturer Pegasus offers a variety of trekking and city bikes for men, women and children. All bicycles are of very good quality and are equipped with both front and rear lights.
  • If you travel a lot in the city, a city bike with 8 gears is just right for you. If you prefer to go on bike tours, you can comfortably climb any mountain with a Pegasus trekking bike with over 20 gears.
  • Pegasus also offers elegant retro-style nostalgia bicycles. They combine elegant design and modern comfort.

Pegasus is one of the best-known bike brands in Germany. The traditional manufacturer mainly offers city and trekking bikes. These be >Stiftung Warentest, around 50% of bicycles sold in Germany each year. The range has also been expanded in recent years by Pegasus e-bikes (e.g. from the "Premio" range).

In our Pegasus bike comparison 2019/2020 we have the most popular bikes from Pegasus under the microscope. If you are not sure which bike is best for you, the tips from our buying advice will help you. There we will explain which bike you are well equipped for in the urban jungle and which Pegasus bike would be the perfect companion for your next bike tour.

1. What type of cyclist are you?

It also means for you in your free time "Not without my bike!" ?

Before you choose a Pegasus bike, you should think about it, what demands you have on the bike and on what occasions you want to use it.

A few weeks Bicycle tour places different demands on your bike than the daily commute to work and vice versa.

In this chapter you can find out which category of cyclist you belong to and what you should pay attention to when choosing your bike.

Biker Dude You should pay attention to this:
The everyday cyclist
  • They use the bike primarily as a means of transportation in the city.
  • The bike should be particularly stable and reliably transport you from A to B..
  • It should have good brakes that don’t wear out too quickly.
  • A luggage rack is also a must for city bikes.
The recreational cyclist
  • You use the bike especially in your free time for day trips and longer tours.
  • Comfort plays an important role on longer journeys. The suspension is particularly important for this.
  • With a large number of gears, even steep inclines are no problem.
  • The brakes should be of high quality and easy to replace.
The passionate bike lover
  • For you, the bike is a loyal companion both in everyday life and on vacation.
  • It is worthwhile for you to invest in a more luxurious model.
  • Comfort and reliability are essential for your bike.
  • Both good suspension and strong brakes are particularly important.
  • With a large number of gears, you are perfectly equipped for city and country.

With the help of this table you should now have a rough idea of ​​it, what to look out for when buying a Pegasus bike. In the following chapters of our buying advice we will explain these purchase criteria in more detail, to provide you with comprehensive advice.

2. What differentiate >

Pegasus City Bikes are the Pegasus bike comparison winners in the big city.

Depending on the type of cyclist you belong to, a different type of bicycle is suitable for you. The two The largest Pegasus bike categories are trekking bikes and city bikes.

While trekking bikes are best suited for recreational cyclists, City bikes meet the needs of everyday cyclists, who are traveling in the city.

However, Pegasus also offers some bicycles that a mixture of trekking bike and city bike are. So everyone can find their best Pegasus bike model.

2.1. Trekking bicycles have derailleur gears, city bicycles have hub gears

Pegasus bicycles with derailleur gears have between 21 and 24 gears.

One of the biggest differences between trekking and city bikes is the bicycle gear shift.

While trekking bikes have a derailleur system, Most city bikes have a hub gear.

With the gear hub, the gear shift is built into the rear wheel hub. Hub gears have fewer gears than derailleur gears (usually 7 or 8). But you also have some advantages:

  • The gear shift is better protected from dust and dirt.
  • Hub gears have fewer gears than derailleurs.
  • To repair a broken circuit, you have to dismantle many bicycle parts.

A derailleur consists of several different sized gears, which are placed on the outside of the rear bicycle hub. This provides enough space for a variety of different gears and therefore gears (usually 21 or 24). But derailleurs also have disadvantages:

  • Derailleurs have a lot of gears.
  • The gear shift is easily accessible for repairs.
  • The chain is very sloping in some aisles.
  • The gear shift is not protected from dust and dirt.

2.2. A suspension fork ensures comfort on long journeys on bumpy roads

Trekking bikes from Pegasus have a sprung fork.

The so-called "Fork" is the component that connects the bicycle handlebar to the front wheel. If this fork is sprung, shocks are absorbed and do not transfer from the handlebars to the arms and upper body.

That is why mountain bikes, sports bikes and BMX bikes in particular have such a suspension fork. The Pegasus bikes for trekking and tours also have a suspension fork. Together with the suspension in the bicycle saddle, the suspension fork provides a handlebar-bicycle connection Driving comfort even on uneven surfaces.

3. How do I find the best Pegasus bike online?

If you have your Pegasus bike buy online would like, you should pay particular attention to some criteria and information. You can find these in our comparison table as well as in other Pegasus bicycle tests and comparisons.

3.1. Traditional V-breaks or innovative disc brakes?

Disc brakes are more expensive, but also more durable than other types of brakes.

V-breaks are cantilever brakes. They have two separate brake arms that grip the bicycle tire when braking. This type of brake is the most used today.

At a disc brake the brake pads are not pressed against the tire, but against a disc attached to the bicycle hub. With these brakes the braking force can be metered better than with V-breaks. However, they are also more expensive.

Bicycles that only have a coaster brake are only available in the children’s bike segment. But also some of the Pegasus city bikes have a back pedal in addition to V-breaks or a disc brake. However, this type of brake is not suitable for full braking.

Conclusion: With V-breaks as well as disc brakes you are safe on the road. The investment in a hydraulic disc brake is still worthwhile, because the brake pads are exposed to less friction. That’s why disc brakes last longer.

3.2. The right size is a particularly important purchase criterion

Pegasus has the right bike size for every cyclist.

Even if the saddles of all Pegasus bicycle models are adjustable, you should choose the right bike for your height.

Specifying the size in inches is confusing for many customers. It is clearer to specify the frame height in centimeters. The frame height does not include the bicycle handlebar and saddle, but really only denotes the height of the bicycle frame.

We have therefore provided you with a table in which the frame height of the bike and the height in centimeters are given:

height frame height
150-160 cm 42-47 cm
160-170 cm 47-52 cm
170-175 cm 52-54 cm
175-180 cm 54-56 cm
180-185 cm 56-58 cm
185-190 cm 58-60 cm
190-195 cm 60-63 cm
195 cm or larger from 63 cm

If you are looking for the right frame height, Categorization into women’s bikes, men’s bikes, and children’s or youth bikes can also be helpful. A men’s bike model is usually also available in large sizes, which are also suitable for anyone over 1.90 m tall.

The Avanti models from Pegasus are suitable for older children and teenagers, since they are already available in smaller sizes. The Piazza bicycles are also available in smaller sizes as women’s models.

3.3. Bicycle lighting is important for your safety

Only with good bike lighting can you be safely in the dark. In order for you to be clearly seen by cars, pedestrians and other bicycles, you need both a front and a rear light.

One issue that you shouldn’t neglect is bicycle lighting. Of course, you can also buy taillights and front lights in a bike accessories store or online.

Fortunately, Pegasus bicycles are already equipped with complete bicycle lighting. This was also rated "good" in the Stiftung Warentest’s trekking bike test.

The Pegasus headlights work with dynamo. Annoying buying and replacing batteries is no longer necessary.

4. Most beautiful nostalgia design: retro bicycles from Pegasus

Where are Pegasus bicycles made??

Like almost all bicycles from major manufacturers, Pegasus bicycles are manufactured in Asia. However, the Pegasus company has a quality council, whose task is also to ensure fair production conditions. Members of this council regularly visit the bicycle factories in Bangladesh.

If you’re looking for a chic retro bike, you don’t have to look around for used bikes. You can Find your perfect retro Pegasus bike cheap and new on many online portals.

The advantage of a new retro bike is that you will enjoy it for much longer. Even if it breaks, you will easily find spare parts and a bike mechanic to repair your bike. This does not necessarily have to be the case with an older model.


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