Pens, colors and play do not buy pollutants

Crafting, painting, kneading

Pens, colors and play do encourage creativity and fun for all ages.

  • Without pollutants
  • Promotes creativity
  • environmentally friendly
  • Colorful

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Make clay yourself
Information about finger paints

The creative development of children is particularly important from the age of 3 or 4 years. This is best done by sculpting sculptures with modeling clay and drawing and painting pictures with pencils and water-colors to give your imagination free rein. The peculiarity of the products in our range is the absence of pollutants. So you can let your children be undisturbed with these aids.

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Pens for painting, drawing and writing

Especially beautiful is the moment when the child learns to write his own name. And slowly synonymous sentences and numbers copied and writes on a piece of sheet. Do not be surprised by a mirror writing. This is not an indication of a cognitive problem or a learning disability, because it is a normal phase of the learning process.

Children’s fun is fun for everyone

There are dough in countless variations, edible-inedible, without pollutants, bright at night and in many different colors. As a parent, you would like to ask yourself what the whole thing is good for. After all, the child has enough Lego to build a variety of characters.

In contrast to Lego, where the size of the individual parts is fixed, one has the possibility with clay to create many different parts in different sizes and shapes and later to assemble them. Due to the soft consistency of the children‘s clay and their touch and deformation, the creativity of your child will be enhanced as well as creativity.

Make dough yourself

If you do not want to buy plasticine, you can make it easily with products that are easy to find in the home. For this you only need ½ liter of hot water, which is kneaded with 200 grams of salt, 2.5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2.5 tablespoons of olive oil and 500 grams of flour. It should be kneaded until no more lumps are left. Who wants to have colored plasticine, who can easily add food coloring to the mass.

Safe finger paints – a rarity

As with many other colored objects, children also like to take finger paints in their mouths. To prevent this, some of these colors contain bitter substances, which are also used in anti-Kau nail polishes.

Unfortunately, with finger paints there is a permanent skin contact. Finger paints without pollutants are not a problem, but most of the finger paints tested by Öko-Test were rated negative. Many contained substances that could cause allergies or even cancer. In contrast, the Nawaro finger paint by Ökonorm of eco-test for “Well” found.

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