Pensions on Lake Constance – family atmosphere on vacation at the lake

Guesthouses at Lake Constance
Family atmosphere on holiday at the lake

The holiday in a pension on Lake Constance offers a great and at the same time inexpensive alternative to the hotel, not only for older generations. Even young people and couples often prefer the hotel’s family and down to earth Bead and Breakfast. In contrast to the hotels with their large and varied range of services, the guesthouses on Lake Constance offer a more private and personal atmosphere. For tourists who travel a lot during the day, explore the region extensively or even like to try out the variety of restaurants on Lake Constance, staying in a guest house is just the thing. Guesthouses and guesthouses on Lake Constance, for example in Meersburg or Konstanz, are in great demand for their location as well. Whether it’s an extended summer holiday or a long weekend – here you will find your accommodation!

Pension right on Lake Constance

The number of rooms in a pension is manageable. The meeting of all pension guests in the morning breakfast room is the prelude to a day at Lake Constance, which begins with a subsequent trip to the village, or with a bike ride along the lake. Until the return to the pension, the beds are shaken and the room cleaned. Some guesthouses on Lake Constance offer their guests half-board, which is usually served as an evening meal. Until then, guests like to stay in their room, in the reading room or in the family room.

The holiday stay in the Pension am Bodensee takes place in a pleasant atmosphere. The guests take care of each other, especially as they have often presented and met personally at the first common breakfast.

view behind the building next to a small terrace. In most cases, these are second, third or even fourth generation owner-managed pensions. Many regulars and permanent guests come over Easter / Pentecost for a short break here, in their pension on Lake Constance. You immediately feel at home and personally looked after. Many hosts also offer their guests a rich and lovingly prepared breakfast for a wonderful start to the day. The pension for the holiday-maker with a dog is just as common nowadays as the wheelchair-accessible pension on Lake Constance. And the bike for a ride in the countryside is awarded by the pension on Lake Constance on a daily basis. Of course, every guest will find the right accommodation for their holiday budget. From simple rooms to star apartments, everything is there.

Ideal base in the guesthouse on Lake Constance

The rooms in the guesthouses on Lake Constance are functional to comfortably furnished. Optionally, the guesthouse is located in the center, on the lakeshore or in the midst of idyllic countryside. To rest and overnight everything is necessary in the room with adjacent sanitary area available. If you spend an active holiday on Lake Constance, you will leave the pension after breakfast in the morning and return in the late afternoon or evening. When booked half board the guest expects a freshly prepared evening meal, which can be reserved in the morning before leaving the pension. Communication between host and guest is direct and easy. In many cases, the landlord is at the same time chef, while his wife is responsible as so-called pension host for the service, the reception and housekeeping. Guests also have access to their guest house with the front door key and their own room key, if the reception is not staffed by the hour. The overall calm and almost homely atmosphere of the Pension am Bodensee is unconsciously transmitted to its guests. The pension is an ideal starting point to discover places such as Constance, Meersburg and Überlingen or simply to explore the promenade on foot.

Terrace, garden and service in the pension at the Bodensee

The pensions on Lake Constance are also popular with those holidaymakers who are not too active due to age or health reasons. They prefer to stay on the terrace overlooking the lake or in the midst of the idyllic orchard landscape opposite larger excursions around the lake. For them, the pension is right on the lake, with breakfast, half board and a small coffee, almost the epitome of a relaxing holiday on Lake Constance. The direct and personal coexistence is particularly emphasized by the pensions on Lake Constance. They know their guest, and they are always there for him.

Pension with dog directly on the lake

What’s better for owner and dog than to get directly to the lakeshore from the lake view room. Pensions in which four-legged friends are welcome offers the Lake Constance as well. The well-behaved four-legged friends know how to behave in the boarding house on Lake Constance and is all the more pleased when he is let off the leash during a walk.

Lake Constance – beautiful holiday destination in every season

The approximately 540 square kilometer lake is a beautiful and worthwhile holiday destination in summer and winter. Cities such as Constance, Meersburg or Lindau offer many cultural events, city and folk festivals throughout the year. The Bodenseeklima is consistently mild; Not too cold in winter, not too hot during the summer months, and rarely humid. The pensions on Lake Constance are prepared for a continuous holiday season. Your guests can look forward to small seasonal surprises such as a room and flower decoration, up to half board from fresh seasonal products of the Lake Constance region.

The Pension am Bodensee offers what many guests wish for: personal address, warm attention and a friendly word to start the day.

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