Pentecost vacation with children, great family vacation at pentecost!

Pentecost vacation with children, great family vacation at Pentecost!

Pentecost vacation with children

Inspiration for a wonderful Pentecost holiday with children

Family holiday Pentecost – where is it nice with children during the Pentecost holidays?
The holidays at Pentecost are wonderful for a short vacation with family. If you live in the south of Germany, you can even plan a week or two weeks of family vacation. The two weeks of Pentecost holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg make this possible – and at a very good price, because in most areas the time around Pentecost is off-season. So what can you do with children on a family vacation this time of year? – I will show you our best ideas for a wonderful family holiday at Pentecost in nature, at the lake, in the mountains or as a city break with children.

Family vacation at Pentecost in nature

Family vacation in nature
After the cold winter months, we would like to go back into nature with the children. On our tour with children through Austria, we discovered something special: yurts for the night. We had our own yurt as a family. Inside it was spartan but great: a bed for everyone plus WiFi and power connection for kids. Directly on the site of the yurts was a large children’s playground and next door a large family outdoor pool, which guests of the yurts were allowed to use free of charge. Very well done and unique!

-> look here, that was our family vacation in the yurt.

Pentecost vacation with baby and toddler

Baby and toddler – family vacation at Pentecost in Carinthia
I would not recommend spending the night in the yurt with smaller children or even a baby, as the rooms in the adjacent JUFA Hotel are more suitable. Family hotels with a wellness area are particularly beautiful during the Pentecost holidays, where you can really enjoy yourself.

Family vacation at Pentecost in the south of Austria

In connection with Pentecost, toddlers and nature, I recommend the Kinderhotel am Weissensee. Here you will find a new wellness area and really a lot on offer for children, toddlers and babies. The region is in Carinthia and there will be sun and warmth from May – in the south of Austria. Summer in Carinthia generally starts earlier. So you can use many of our summer ideas for a family holiday in Carinthia at Pentecost.

-> we liked that in Carinthia with children.

Pentecost vacation with children by the sea

At Pentecost for a family vacation by the sea?
It is usually not really warm to take a bath at Pentecost. Thanks to the sun, the temperatures are often above 20 degrees, but the water has not yet warmed up properly. Those who want to go on the Pentecost holiday by car are most likely to enjoy a family holiday in Croatia. Here, the journey by car is not too far and one or the other cooling in the sea is in there. It is particularly nice to take a look at the medieval city centers of the well-known cities in Croatia far from the crowds in midsummer.

It is still quite cool at this time of the year on the Baltic Sea, so something for bathing is something for midsummer. For beach walks and the first sand castle of the year, it is always enough there. This also applies to the North Sea. Here is a good apartment on the Baltic Sea with a sauna to warm up:

-> That’s how it was on Usedom with children

Pentecost vacation with children at the lake

At Pentecost for a family vacation on a beautiful lake?
For many Germans and Austrians, a family vacation on Lake Garda during the Pentecost is known and popular. It is warmer here than at home and the mixture of Mediterranean climate with many flowers attracts families to Lake Garda at Pentecost. Bike tours and hikes are already very possible here. Especially on the weekend of Pentecost and during the Pentecost holidays, however, the promenades are full of holidaymakers who all have the same idea – and have done so for years. It is nice there, but unfortunately it is too crowded.

Therefore my tip for a family holiday at Pentecost: Better to go to the lakes to Carinthia, e.g. Wörthersee or Millstätter See. The southern flair can already be felt there, it is sunny in the south of Austria and not that busy. We last saw this in late autumn.

-> have a look here at the pictures of the family hotel on Lake Millstatt.

Family vacation at Pentecost in the mountains?

Family holidays in the mountains during Pentecost week
At Millstätter See you can combine a family vacation on the lake with a family vacation on the mountain. Hotelier Peter goes fishing with you in the morning on the lake, in the afternoon you can go hiking on the sunny Millstätter Alpe. A real insider tip for a varied family holiday in the mountains.

Many families believe that there is not much that can be done in the mountains at Pentecost. But if you plan your vacation with children in the lower lying areas, you can already take the first child-friendly hikes. The easier hikes with prams are particularly beautiful, where you can admire the gentians and other blooming mountain flowers. My tip: Take a look at the Weissensee – here are the pictures.

Pentecost vacation at Weissensee

Family vacation at Pentecost at Weissensee 2019
The south of Carinthia or the lower region in the Alps are a good tip for Whitsun holidays, the Weissensee in Carinthia is my personal. We really liked the Weissensee last winter and went again in May. The turquoise green water was wonderful!

For Pentecost, hiking and mountain biking with children is very good here. And there is the traditional church day with live music from the Weissenseer Trachtenkapelle. Save yourself the trip to Lake Garda!
We did and are hiking, cycling and excursions at Weissensee

-> my recommendations for you at Weissensee with children

At Weissensee you will also find a very good family hotel with a new wellness area!

City break at Pentecost with children?

Pentecost vacation with children in a beautiful city?
If families are drawn to the excursion destinations at Pentecost, city trips with children are of course also worthwhile. You can then look at the child-friendly sights in peace and don’t sweat like in midsummer. Vienna has a lot to offer. We were only there again and loved the time travel in the 5-D cinema, the Museum of Illusions, the Rollercoaster Restaurant, where the food came to the table on the roller coaster. And you can live cheaply in the family room in the middle of the city in the JUFA Hotel.

-> Here are our tips for a family vacation in Vienna.

Family hotels for Pentecost holidays with children

Even more family hotels for a Pentecost holiday with children?
Not found what you’re looking for on your next family vacation at Pentecost? We visited family hotels and great holiday apartments in many other regions. For Pentecost holidays, I find pure family hotels particularly interesting, where you have fully adjusted to the children and offer a great world of experience for the children. Cold Pentecost days can also be a wonderful holiday experience if the children can splash around in the spacious hotel bathroom or have fun with the children’s program. Here, the family temples are clearly becoming more attractive than apartments and guest houses.

-> Here are our recommendations for children’s hotels and family hotels.

Pentecost vacation with children: tips for trips during the Pentecost vacation

You can also find a lot of ideas for this here in the family travel blog! No matter whether you are looking for in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, we have visited over 150 excursion destinations. From Pentecost all family-friendly sights and excursion destinations are open. You can search by region here:

– these are our experiences in the excursion destinations in Germany

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