Perception games to promote the sense of smell

Some smells make us want the off button for our sense of smell, others, on the other hand, nice to melt away. It smells of delicious food, grandma’s freshly baked apple pie, spring, vacation by the sea, Christmas. In contrast, the smell of petrol irritates the nose when refueling, while the public toilet often enough irritates the stomach, and the smell of fire sets the nose and brain on alert. Pleasant scents combine very quickly with pleasant memories that we enjoy again and again, whereas we avoid the bad ones from a safe distance.

However, what many forget and what is brought back to their minds at the latest when the nose is too tight again and is completely out of action due to a persistent runny nose is that the smell and the taste are directly connected. Because if you can’t smell anything, you won’t taste anything. That is why foods, spices and herbs are particularly suitable for a variety of games to promote your child’s sense of smell. Even if you shouldn’t normally play with food.

I recognize you by your smell

In the game "I recognize you by your smell" your child should recognize different scents with blindfolded or just closed eyes and learn to distinguish them from each other. Therefore, it must not touch or feel the individual fragrance objects. Accordingly, you have to hand it to him or. under the Hold your nose. The kitchen offers a variety of options. Because everything from strong smelling spices like clove, pepper and cinnamon to herbs like chamomile, peppermint, basil and lemon balm to coffee, cheese, sausage, bread, onions and various types of fruit is allowed here.

In addition, the rest of your household certainly also offers attractive sources of smell, which are now a matter of course for us adults, but not yet for your child. This includes soaps, detergents and fabric softeners as well as flowers, perfumes and everything else you can think of. However, make sure that the things you want your child to guess have a distinct smell that doesn’t mix with other smells. Whether the scent is very intense or only weak is irrelevant for the game, provided that you give your child a little break from time to time to literally restore the previous smell from the To get nose. With this simple game, your child’s sense of smell is trained and promoted in the simplest way, but optimally.

The sense of smell: The smell on the heels

Do you know that: In the run-up to Christmas you come to an apartment that smells wonderfully of vanilla, cinnamon or roasted orange peel, but the actual fragrance source is initially not recognizable at all? This is how the game “Close to the fragrance on the heels” is structured. All you have to do is get an aroma source that intensely exudes a pleasant smell in your own apartment.

This can be a fragrance lamp that is filled with a strong fragrance oil, a room deodorant that sprays automatically and automatically at regular intervals, a perfume from which you have dripped a few valuable drops into an open bowl, or just as well Orange peels roasted on the stove, which are now arranged on the sideboard as a fragrant decorative element with a candle.

For your child, it is then a matter of searching with his little nose to pick up the scent trail and trace its source. This works equally with your eyes open and in an upright position, but it is certainly more fun when your eyes are closed and your child sniffs through the apartment like a real little sniffer dog on all fours and trusts in their own sense of smell.

Look, little sniff nose

For the game "Search, little sniff nose" your child becomes a busy sniffer dog in his own child’s room, in the living room or in the kitchen. Because in this game paper or tissue handkerchiefs (without their own smell) are filled with intense smells. Spices or herbs such as chamomile, peppermint, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla or pepper are suitable for this, but also others that smell strong and can be filled in a handkerchief. Always fill two handkerchiefs in pairs and then tie the individual handkerchiefs together using a ribbon to form a small package or bag.

All small fragrance packs are then mixed thoroughly and distributed on the floor or scattered at a suitable distance. As a request to use its sniffing nose, simply hold your little sniffing nose under the nose of any fragrance packet so that it can sniff it out and memorize it and to which it must now find the right counterpart. A simple and very sensual game that not only promotes the sense of smell, but also makes children so much fun because they can slip into the role of a small detection or search dog and crawl across the floor.

Of course, mom or dad also slip into new roles, because they automatically become masters or mistresses of the little dog. Of course, this trial game also works as a memory variant. Instead of handkerchiefs, you can use small containers such as empty film cans, small cream pots or surprise eggs. Needless to say, however, all containers in appearance >

Discover fragrance rooms

At Tchibo there is a wonderful smell of fresh coffee, at the weekly market there is an intense smell of fish at some of the stands, at some of the cheese, and still others have a fresh floral scent. Dry cleaning also has its very own smell, just like grandma and grandpa’s apartment. Therefore: take a little time to discover such fragrances together with your child and explore them intensively. This will greatly promote your child’s sense of smell. You can, for example, sniff different types of fruit and vegetables at the weekly market, or buy many different types of cheese or sausage at the cheese or sausage stand, so that you can calmly take them home with your child in the ultimate sense of smell and taste , Perhaps you will even buy cheese or sausage cuts that you have never tried before and dive into the intense and often neglected world of new smell and undiscovered taste with your son or daughter.

Welcome to the herb garden

If you have the opportunity, set up your child’s own small herb and vegetable garden. This can be a piece of window sill in the kitchen or, if you like, in the children’s room, a piece of bed in the garden or a small spot on the balcony or terrace. Because care also entices not only to promote the progress of growth, but also to promote the sense of smell. Help your child to perceive the different scents intensively, for example by rubbing together individual leaves in his hand to extensively discover the fragrance development and the peculiar smells. Those who do not have a green thumb or have neither a balcony nor a terrace can help themselves with regular walks in the forest. Because here too, the leaves of the various trees and shrubs often smell unmistakable when picked and rubbed in your hands. Just make sure to spare nettle on your attempts.

Fruit Animals

In autumn at the latest, when chestnuts, acorns and nuts are collected again to make fun little animals, it is also time for one or more lemon hedgehogs. Because they are not only quick and easy to conjure, they also literally crawl into your nose due to their smell. While two pins are used for the face as eyes and toothpicks or matches for the legs, the spines of the lemon hedgehog are made exclusively from cloves.

This simply from your child down to the bottom of the lemon that for one free the hedgehog belly has to be spit out into the lemon! You have already made one or more lemon hedgehogs together, for which you only have to look for a decorative place. This little handicraft art is of course also ideal as a souvenir for grandma and grandpa, the childminder, the babysitter or whoever you and your child would like to make a little joy again.

I can smell you well, little moth

The saying "can smell someone good" is no coincidence. Above all in the animal world, males and females come together primarily via the smell. Therefore, the game "I can smell you, little moth" is also about finding the right partner and is particularly well suited for children’s birthdays, since at least six children should take part. The children are divided into two groups: moth males and moth females. The female moths are given different fragrance oils or perfumes with which they rub themselves in to then hide – but not too far away so that their tracks can still be picked up by the males.

For tracking, the males each get a scent sample on a cotton ball or, as in perfumery, on a scent plate, which shows you how the right female smells for them. And that is exactly what needs to be found now: the right female with the right fragrance. Whoever found the right counterpart first, won and of course receives a small reward for the pronounced sense of smell.

Extra tip for older children

The sense of smell of older children can also be further promoted with varied bubble baths, which they can use to find out at the same time how the different scents affect general well-being. And by the way, you will find out what your child’s favorite fragrances are. The same applies to scented candles or scented lights, which, however, should only be left on under supervision. For girls who want their first or just a new perfume again, it is a special idea to create it together and individually. There are various fragrance sets for this in well-stocked perfumeries, especially those that also or only sell natural cosmetics.


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