Period despite pregnancy

The Period despite pregnancy it’s impossible to get. That alone forbids the basic “function” of the period. After ovulation, hormones ensure that the uterus is prepared for possible fertilization. For this, the endometrium is built up high. If there is no fertilization, the endometrium is broken down again and the unfertilized egg and the mucous membrane are expelled from the body. Then women are definitely not pregnant. Once the egg has been fertilized, it nests in the uterus and the body prepares to take good care of the new life in the next few months.
But even if there is none Period despite pregnancy bleeding is still possible. Distinguishing the two is sometimes not so easy. To be sure, women should first keep a "book" to get to know their cycle. If it is regular, the period and any intermediate bleeding can often be differentiated well.

If there is no period despite pregnancy – what is behind the bleeding??

There are testimonials that clearly show that a Period despite pregnancy is possible. So-called unnoticed pregnancies always cause astonishment. Is a period actually possible despite pregnancy? No. With such bleeding, the body mostly rejects only a little superfluous tissue; fine blood vessels, for example on the cervix, could also have been slightly injured. Such bleeding to step quite often at the time of the actual period. Those who do not expect to be pregnant will not really register them. Otherwise, bleeding can be unsettling. Then the gynecologist is the right contact. He will also confirm that this is not the period because it cannot occur during pregnancy.
Other reasons why women might be wondering if one Pregnancy despite period is possible: Even if a fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, bleeding can occur. A slight, pulling pain is also possible, as many people know from the period. The difference: The so-called implantation bleeding is always short duration and usually very little, bright red blood comes out. This also applies to bleeding caused by hormones.
Basically, in the hectic pace of everyday life, such bleeding can sometimes be confused with the "right" menstrual period. However, there is no pregnancy despite a menstrual period. If women know that they are pregnant, they should always go to the doctor in the event of such an incident. If the bleeding is minimal and bright red, there is usually no reason for fear. Dark to brownish bleeding, similar to that of a menstrual period, can indicate an abortion, in this case you should consult your gynecologist directly.

Relaxedly look forward to the time of the next (actual) period

Women who want to have children know their cycle very well. Many wake up in the morning and the routine begins with measuring body temperature. If the signs are good for the beginning of the fertile days, the monthly attempt to get pregnant begins. And with it again the hope that it might have worked this time. At the same time, however, the fearful inward listening begins: Do the breasts pull? Is there maybe a little bit of nausea in your stomach? Or what is that pulling in the abdomen? I am pregnant or is the period coming again that destroys all hopes??
Especially in this uncertain time, women should not go crazy. Many can distract themselves well in everyday work. And even when the day-to-day work is done, the big thinking doesn’t have to start. Cinema evenings, sauna, yoga and meeting friends are nice ways to distract yourself. In between a cup of fertility tea – healthy food and an optimistic attitude. If it is still difficult for you to switch off, try taking a short vacation with your partner, because almost 40% of the couples who want to have children come pregnant back from vacation.


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