Periodontal treatment in the dorow clinic, all information at a glance

periodontal disease treatment

Healthy gums are an important prerequisite for a lifelong preservation of your teeth, but also for the preservation of dentures. We help you with gum problems and gingivitis quickly and reliably.

Healthy gums

Inflammation of the gums, periodontal pockets, bleeding gums and pain in the gums are signs of periodontitis or periodontitis.

It is an inflammation on the gums, which spreads to the jawbone and permanently leads to tooth loss. Therefore, the treatment of gingivitis is extremely important and should not be delayed.

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Pretreatment for dentures

The correct and complete treatment of periodontal disease or other gum problems is a very important pre-treatment for dentures.

At the Dorow Clinic we see almost daily patients who have received dentures for a lot of money, but without any pretreatment. First, a reasonable foundation and the right conditions must be created so that the dentures will be preserved for a long time. Dental clinics abroad do not have this time because the patient should be treated in a short time. The results are accordingly and often the entire dentures must be renewed after a short time.

Let yourself be advised and treated seriously – for long-term radiant and healthy teeth.

Treatment of periodontal disease

One of the most important components of the periodontal treatment is a regular professional tooth cleaning by an experienced prophylaxis specialist or dental hygienist. By removing the plaque everywhere, the harmful bacteria no longer have a chance. It is important that the sometimes very hard to reach pads are carefully removed even in the periodontal pockets. The treatment can be assisted with antibiotics, certain mouthwashes and good dental care at home.

When the periodontal disease has stopped, the jawbone can be rebuilt if necessary.

Causes of gingivitis

Nowadays, one of the major causes of gingivitis and periodontal disease is known to be a genetically determined predisposition. This is also heritable.

Other factors include poor oral hygiene, smoking and general conditions such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

Gingivitis occurs because certain bacteria multiply unchecked and attack the gums and jawbone. These bacteria continue to eat their way down the tooth. This results in periodontal pockets and gum recession.

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