Periodontal treatment with ozone device

The primary triggers of periodontal disease are germs and bacteria in the oral cavity that attack the gums and in the long run loosen teeth and cause tooth loss. Untreated periodontitis has a lasting effect on the well-being of your patients as it is associated with bad breath and tooth loosening as well as permanent damage to the periodontium. In the past, the treatment of periodontosis was protracted and painful for those affected.

Today you can offer a painless plasma therapy with a powerful ozone device and thanks to the most modern procedure of ozone therapy you can ensure a fast and constant elimination of germs and bacteria as well as a regeneration of the gums. The advantages of the ozone therapy with OzoneDTA are versatile and manifest themselves in an effective, innovative and efficient treatment with noticeable effect after only a few therapy units.

The advantages of OzoneDTA plasma therapy at a glance

A big advantage is the enormous speed with which the OzoneDTA ozone device eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi – thus the main triggers of periodontitis. You and your patients will see the medical success of your treatment after only a few treatments, so that you can convince with ozone therapy and noticeably improve the oral health of your patients. Tooth loosening and loss can be avoided, even if periodontal disease is already advanced and the gums of your patients are severely affected and have formed deeper pockets. Through direct application with anatomically adapted probes, the OzoneDTA ozone device can also reach hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity, such as deep gum pockets or the posterior cheek and wisdom teeth.

An optimal effect can be achieved and thus successfully treated, even if it is no longer an incipient and therefore mild periodontitis. In addition to the advantages for your patients, you should have your own advantages in mind, use the ozone device in your practice and decide in favour of periodontal treatment with ozone therapy. After only 60 treatments, the purchase of the OzoneDTA pays for itself, which makes it a cost-effective and advantageous decision for your modern dental practice. Your patients will thank you for the new and effective method of plasma therapy and will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently gum disease can be treated and the oral cavity cleared of dangerous germs.

Ozone therapy for chronic periodontitis demonstrably effective

In order to eliminate the aggressive germs and achieve a “clean” oral flora, thorough cleaning of the gum pockets and equally thorough aftercare play an important role. In most cases, however, a classical treatment is not sufficient, since it is necessary to match the biofilm to the patient and this promotes success. With the ozone therapy a specific adjustment to the bacterial composition and the degree of the periodontosis can be achieved, whereby the chances of success of the treatment increase and also strong as well as chronic periodontitis can be stopped and cured. Plasma therapy proves to be a thorough and painless treatment method, so that your patients find it pleasant and far more innovative than previous treatment methods.

Ozone therapy is based on oxygen, which is incompatible with bacteria that cause periodontitis. Especially in gum pockets, aggressive oxygen proves to be the only effective method to fight the anaerobic bacteria and alleviate inflammation. Parodontitis bacteria are not only present in the oral cavity of your patients, but also make their way through the entire body and pose a high risk of concomitant and secondary diseases.

This makes it all the more important that you use a modern and effective procedure such as plasma therapy and ensure that periodontal disease is eliminated and cured immediately. After ozone therapy, prophylaxis and aftercare treatments are particularly important to heal the affected gums and rule out a new infection with bacteria and dangerous germs. The OzoneDTA ozone device is particularly gentle, so your patients will experience far fewer problems after plasma therapy than with older procedures for treating periodontitis.

Recommend a healthy lifestyle after ozone therapy

In addition to bacterial infection or infection of the oral cavity with fungi and germs, the living conditions of your patients play an important role. Recommend a reduction of stress factors and lack of exercise, advise against smoking and point out the importance of a diet rich in vitamins and strengthening the immune system. Treatment with the OzoneDTA ozone device makes obsolete and painful procedures, such as folding and cutting away, as well as lasering of the gums unnecessary and is regarded as an extremely gentle and health-promoting procedure.

The principle of active oxygen and the precise dosage in ozone therapy enable you to offer your patients the best treatment and prevent inflamed gums from being irritated and damaged in a tissue structure. The plasma therapy ensures a noticeably fast healing of the treated areas and revolutionizes the dental practice through maximum treatment success.

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