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Treat periodontitis: health from periodontology in Hannover

We always have one goal in the PODBI344: we want to preserve your teeth and thus your health in the best possible way! It’s not just about teeth and gums – because, as the saying goes: “Healthy starts in the mouth!”. For this reason, we always keep a close eye on bacterial infections and inflammations in the oral cavity and rely on the possibilities of periodontology!

Because here is the science agree: Who with a periodontitis (not periodontitis) goes through life, risking major problems for his health!

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Periodontitis: What is it??

When we talk about periodontitis to dentists, it means chronic inflammation of the periodontium.

The periodontium – the periodontal ligament – is a system of collagenous fibers, connective tissue, the jawbone and the gums. Here our teeth are firmly anchored as long as the oral health is right.

It becomes dangerous when bacteria come into play that cause diseases such as tooth decay – or even periodontal disease! If you do not do anything here, you risk losing your teeth. In adult humans, periodontitis is the most common reason for tooth loss.

People often talk about periodontosis, which is generally equated with gingivitis. The inflammation of the gums, however, is called gingivitis and is usually the precursor of periodontitis!

Bacteria trigger periodontitis

Bacteria in our mouth are good and wanted, but only as long as the balance is right. If bacterial deposits are not removed, tartar forms, which can go down to the roots – our body does not like it.

Too many bacteria that stress the body cause our immune system to act: it sends enzymes and inflammatory substances to fight the bacteria – the inflammation increases and becomes chronic. Poor oral hygiene, stress, diabetes or nicotine increase the risks of periodontal disease!

If the inflammation attacks the bone, there is a high risk for the teeth. So pay attention to the following signs of possible periodontitis:

  • Red, swollen and bleeding gums
  • Gum withdrawal and exposed tooth necks
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Loosened teeth

Sarah Lugonic, Dentist in the PODBI344 Hannover

“Periodontitis is long ignored by many patients because it initially runs painless. Especially smokers do not notice the first signs because nicotine suppresses bleeding gums. The periodontitis progresses imperceptibly in the case and the patient is confronted with the disease only when a major refurbishment is needed. “

What effects does periodontal disease have on general health??

At our dental practice in Hanover, we treat our patients according to a holistic approach to dentistry. We always see you as a human, whom we look at first and foremost through the mouth. A disturbed oral health always has a negative impact on the body – in many ways. Example periodontitis!

Periodontitis – the chronic tooth inflammation – leads in many cases to tooth loss. Missing teeth can negatively affect muscles and joints, as well as chronic pain from head to toe. Read more about this in the chapter: Function / CMD.

Bacterial inflammation: risks to our health

Current scientific studies show it clearly: bacteria from the oral cavity enter the body via the bloodstream and can become a risk factor for health, quality of life and performance. The Hannover Medical School has described relationships between periodontitis and vascular constriction (arteriosclerosis).

Also known are increased risks for:

As you can see, it pays to keep your teeth and gums healthy in the long term – the dentists at the PODBI344 in Hanover help you and your family!

What to do against periodontitis: This is how we take care of your health

As you know, periodontitis is all about the bacteria. The PODBI344 team’s holistic orientation always has one goal: to minimize the risks to your health through checks and preventative measures!

Therefore, also applies to periodontitis: Good oral hygiene and regular control and comprehensive prophylaxis in the dental office are the best protection!

Prophylaxis in the PODBI344: How do our dental hygiene professionals look after your health? We are happy to explain: 0511 562525.

Decisive for the success of therapy is therefore the timely diagnosis, among other things with the help of special X-rays. The sooner we can stop the loss of gums and bones, the better the chances of long-term teeth preservation.

In the treatment of existing periodontitis, it is always about the bacteria first. As part of the so-called initial phase Bacterial plaques and calculus (calculus) are removed in the deep periodontal pockets and tooth roots. This is painless and gentle under local anesthesia.

Afterwards, each patient receives a personalized therapy in order to keep the bacteria under control. Regular aftercare in our dental practice is an important part of the concept!

And so we treat periodontitis in the PODBI344: the periodontal surgery!

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