Peru as export country of high quality raw materials, mama ocllo blog

Peru as export country of high quality raw materials, mama ocllo blog

Peru as an exporting country of high-quality luxury fibers

In July 2012, I was offered my internship at Peru’s largest exporter of biologically certified andean grain >

Peru as an exporting country of high quality organic products

On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CBI), the Munich-based consultancy Organic Services organized workshops on sustainable business models and social commitment for producers and employees in the organic sector. Together, concepts and strategies were developed to create a better regional and international market presence.

The lively participation in the workshops, which were partly associated with long-term coaching, showed the growing interest in sustainably produced products.

A few weeks ago, I indirectly came into contact with CBI and Organic Services, as Ms. Schaus, a long-term employee of IMO Konstanz and managing director of the label school It Fits, asked me for an interview on Peru as an exporting country of certified pima and cotton.

Peruvian luxury fibers in the European market

The great interest in Peru and its animal (alpaca) and vegetable luxury fibers (Pima, Tangüis) shows that the Andean state is increasingly asserting itself on the European market. If you have not heard much about Peru for a long time, then a change is palpable. The South American country not only offers world-class raw materials, but also the necessary know-how and technical equipment to produce high-quality textiles. Peru’s rapid economic growth, statutory minimum wages and the gradual shift from conventional to organic farming make Peru not a cheap country to produce, but in most cases, the customer can shop with a clear conscience.

Mama Ocllo wants to create added value in Peru

With Mama Ocllo we want to open the door to the wealth of Peru for our little customers. This wealth means healthy, sustainably produced and noble materials that caress baby’s sensitive skin. At the same time, it is our personal concern to contribute to the steady growth of the organic sector in our country of origin.

Peru has always been rich in minerals, precious metals and raw materials, such as Cotton. But in most cases, the profits made flow and flow abroad; one reason why the Andean country is still counted among the emerging countries. An effective way to counteract this is to create added value in Peru itself. Cultivation and production in the country, instead of mere export of raw materials with processing in other parts of the world!

Mama Ocllo Babywear combines luxurious natural fibers with sustainable and socially acceptable production conditions. Visit our shop and convince yourself!

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