Philips HX8211 Airfloss in the test: Mouth showers comparison test

Philips HX8211 Airfloss in the test: Mouth showers comparison test

Philips HX8211 AirFloss in the test

Philips HX8211 AirFloss review: Read the Philips HX8211 AirFloss review here and compare it to other current oral showers.

Philips Sonicare HX8211 AirFloss review

The Philips HX8211 AirFloss costs almost 100 euros in the basic equipment and just this equipment is quite spartan considering the price. Read in the test why she still performs well despite further weaknesses and can certainly convince.

Philips AirFloss

With the AirFloss, Philips is just sending a model into the race for the best oral irrigator and the favor of its customers. Although there are different model numbers, but this one and the same device, only in different equipment packages. The Here tested HX8211 is the base model and is delivered with exactly one nozzle and without any other extras. The HX8255 includes a total of 3 nozzles and a travel case. The HX8172 even features a package from the irrigator itself and the FlexCare HX6902 electric sonic toothbrush. All versions have the handpiece HX8211 in common, which we also want to focus on here in the test. Incidentally, the oral irrigator Philips HX8111 is also often offered in stores. This is the predecessor model, which is virtually identical and also costs the same as the current 8211 from 2014.


As already mentioned above, the HX8211 is the standard version of the Philips irrigator, without any special accessories. At a purchase price of almost 100 euros that’s a pity, because competing devices deliver significantly more for less money. The enclosed nozzle should be replaced after around 3, but at the latest after 6 months. At the latest then replacement nozzles would have to be bought. Because of the built-in Lithium-ion batteries After all, there are no additional costs for batteries and the Philips HX8211 can be conveniently charged via the supplied charger.

What Philips calls “unique air and micro-droplet technology” is likely to be similar to what other manufacturers call “OxyJet” or “water-air mixture”. It accelerates the smallest drops of water with air blasts and this combination is not only gentler on the gums, but also more effective at removing plaque. Unfortunately, the HX8211 does not offer different intensities or different beam settings. Pleasing, however, is the possibility of the Philips also to operate with mouthwash or a mixture of water and mouthwash.

Test result – handy and loud

Exactly one button on the handset of the HX8211 is designed the operation is very easy. When the button is pressed once, the nozzle releases a spray. So you can move without mess and especially without hassle from tooth to tooth and purify them targeted. If the button is held down for a moment, the irrigator changes to the automatic mode and continuously sprays water. The top management also contributes a significant portion to the good usability of the Philips HX8211. You simply push them over the row of teeth and as soon as the tip sits between your teeth you can rinse them. So you can make sure that the gaps are exactly caught and cleaned.

Of the Water tank is integrated in the Philips handle and that goes along with all the typical advantages and disadvantages of this design. You save space in the bathroom, the tubeless application is simply more comfortable and, above all, you can easily take it with you on trips. But the container is not the biggest one. While in the single spray mode once again through all the rows of teeth without refilling comes, it is already close in automatic mode. Fortunately, the tank is quite uncomplicated to fill, however without the container from the handset would be removable. This makes the cleaning of the inner chamber a game of patience.

On our test device we also had the problem that the lid on the water tank was obviously too tight. As a result, not enough air could flow in during operation and the negative pressure in the tank then reduced the water pressure. But you could easily fix this with a lid that was not completely closed, and over time this problem would probably be remedied by normal wear and tear. Apart from this gives the processing of the Philips HX8211 little cause for criticism. It sits well in the hand despite the built-in tank and makes a high-quality impression. The Cleaning performance is also good, a possible regulation of the water pressure would have been nice. Incidentally, in operation, this is very loud in comparison to other oral showers.

Test conclusion – good, but no bargain

If you do not value extensive accessories and equipment and are willing to pay around 95 euros, the Philips HX8211 will give you a very good oral shower. It scores with neat processing, uncomplicated operation and convincing cleaning results.

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