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Philosophize with children.

Philosophize with children

Children live in questions, adults live in answers, once said the Swiss author Peter Bichsel. Indeed, children are usually (still) much closer to the origin of philosophy than adults. This origin lies in amazement, in the curious questioning of what surrounds us. Children often ask early on who or what God is, where do animals get their names from, what comes after death or whether our life is just a dream. You are looking for answers to such questions – and thus to questions of philosophy.

Taking up these questions and philosophizing with children means giving them the opportunity to develop answers to such questions themselves. This is not only a pleasure. When thinking together, children also practice expressing themselves linguistically, drawing conclusions from what has been said and justifying their own opinion. Philosophizing encourages children to conquer and orientate the world thinking. Today it is more important than ever.

Some interestingte links on the topic:
– (UNESCO study on philosophizing with children worldwide)
– (Berlin office for philosophy and education)
– (Akademie Kinder philosophieren, Munich)
– (Working Group Philosophizing with Children and Adolescents, Hamburg)
– (Knietzsche, the little television philosopher)

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E: "Can babies think?"
M: "No, because they are so small."
E: "Why can’t you think when you are little?"
M: "Well, because you can only think when you’re already big."
E: "How big do you have to be to be able to think?"
M: "As tall as I am because I think well."
E: "And what can you think?"
M: "To an elephant. I can think of an elephant. But there is no elephant in the daycare. And a baby can’t even think of an elephant. ”

(Conversation with a four year old in an outlaw daycare center)

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