Photo books for children – The 5 sweetest gift ideas

Are you still looking for an original gift for your offspring? Even small children have a lot of fun looking at themselves and their loved ones in pictures, so you can give them a treat with a photo book. We have looked around for you, which variants are available for the little ones.

Special children’s photo books are a particularly pretty variation. A photo box, for example, offers a combination of a classic picture book with your own photos. The story of “Pidi the Penguin” told in the text is individually tailored to the child.

First the name and preferences of the child are queried and later automatically inserted into the text. In the story the penguin then experiences his everyday life with the respective child from breakfast to unusual situations such as a visit to the zoo or dressing up for carnival.

Space is available for suitable photos. In contrast to freely designed books, the layout effort is zero. So such a children’s photo book can be created in less than half an hour – if the pictures are ready. Practically speaking, these are usually typical everyday situations, most of which will already have suitable photos. Here you can find the offer “Pidi the Penguin” at Fotokasten.

The Dutch service provider Bookadoo is even faster. It offers a range of books for children of different ages. As with photo boxes, they use a combination of photo and text. As a rule, only one photo of the child’s head is required. Bookadoo frees the head and mounts it into the layout itself.

A particularly nice idea: The personalizable friends book

The effort for the book orderer is therefore limited to finding a portrait photo. If you don’t even have one, you can order a book from numerous service providers such as PersonalNOVEL, Jollybooks or framily. The text of the book is personalized to the child you are giving it to, e.g. with name, place of residence or friends. Often there is also a dedication page for the name of the donor. Unfortunately, photos are missing completely.

If, on the other hand, you can do without a ready-made story, you can find backgrounds and layouts matching the children’s book at numerous photo book service providers. Photo boxes, for example, provide child-friendly templates for (primary) schoolchildren as well as baby books for boys and girls.

There is also a wide selection for templates with figures known from books and television: At framily, for example, you can get a book with backgrounds from the Pettersson and Findus series as well as books with the Olkhis or the Little King.

Or you can work without a template and come up with a children’s book yourself. For example, you can have your child’s favourite cuddly toy appear as the main character and invent a text for it. In the example shown, for example, the story of “Käpt´n Sepp”, who gets a package from Aunt Claudia, was told with a teddy bear.

Although this is more expensive than using the templates of the provider, it is a lot of fun when taking pictures. In the book “Das eigene Fotobuch” you will find a detailed description of this project.

If you haven’t found something suitable for you yet, you can also enjoy a classic family photo book. Especially small children under the age of 3 are thrilled when they see pictures of mum, dad and the wider family circle. For the little ones you should choose a print in a small format and with hardcover.

So that the pages do not tear so quickly, a digital print with high-gloss sealing or even the output as an Echtofotobuch offers itself. Thus, the work can sometimes survive a rough treatment. With high-gloss sealing, stains can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth.

KnuddiBu offers a real baby book. With it you can introduce even the smallest ones to photo books in a playful way. The pages are made of fabric and printed directly on it. The material complies at least with the Ökotex Standard 100 for baby articles, so you don’t have to worry if the child puts them in their mouth. The 14 x 14 cm size is well suited for small children’s hands.

The page count is 8, 12 or 16 pages. Alternatively, a folding book can be ordered instead of the book binding (a solid seam in the middle of the double page). The design is done directly via an online editor on the KnuddiBu website. There are several ready-made designs for children to choose from:

The plants are produced in Germany and it takes about three weeks until they reach the customer. We have tested it and found it: It’s worth the wait! The book is solidly crafted, the colours well reproduced.

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