Photo pillow – print on your pillow with your own photo

Photographic pillows with your own picture, text or name

Create your individual photo cushion online now. The personal pillow made of 100% cotton can be easily printed with your own photo, text or name. This lovely photo gift for your sweetheart, guaranteed sweet dreams.

Photo cushion

  • Printed with your own photo, text or name
  • Fashionable color selection
  • Front and back differently shaped
  • Pillow: 100% cotton
  • Pollutant-free with OekoTex® certificate
  • Washable up to 40 ° C
  • Velvety breathable textile print

Have pillows printed with a photo

Printed pillows with their own photo are something very special among the romantic surprises. Because hardly a gift comes closer to personal cuddling than a homemade photo cushion. Whether for cuddling or as a decorative design object, the cotton pillows from PhotoFancy can be individually tailored to your wishes. The textile print is breathable and velvety, as it is printed directly on the fabric and no transfer film is used. The printing ink is 100% pollutant-free and OekoTex® certified. The pillow cover with photo can be washed comfortably at 40 ° C.

Create your own photo cushion with ease

Now you can do your own photo cushion yourself. Create a dreamy pillow with your own photo in the online configurator. For example, you can surprise your sweetheart with a homemade cuddly pillow. Lovingly printed with your photo and your personal love message, it awakens true feelings. A dreamlike proof of love against homesickness and longing. Simply fantastic! Or create your own cushion according to your own ideas. The pillow is simply printed with matching patterns or pictures, so it fits perfectly with your interior or bedding. No long search for the right fabrics in hardware stores and textile shops. Cushion printing simple design!

Print a custom pillow as a gift idea

In addition to a printed photo cup, a photo book or a photo calendar, the photo cushion is almost traditionally as a gift idea for any occasion. At PhotoFancy we’ve expanded our selection of photo pillows, now you can choose between the classic cotton pillow and our new panoramic photo cushion. We print both cushions with guaranteed pollutant-free and skin-friendly colors. The breathable cover consists of the classic pillow with photo of 100% cotton, with the new borderless and double-sided printed photo cushion, the pillowcase consists of 100% microfibre. As a filling for your new cuddly pillow we use a spunbond with polyester.

Cherry stone pillow with photo to relax and unwind

The popular granules for the treatment of tension or pain can be printed individually. The cherry stone pillow by PhotoFancy is filled with dried cherry pits, which serve as a natural heat donor. The pillow cover is printed with your photo, text or name. Heat the photo cushion in the oven or in the microwave and place on the affected area of ​​the body. Warm regards with your photo. The cushion cover can be washed up to 40 ° C if necessary.

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