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The German photo service provider CEWE is continuing its success story: At the end of September 2017, CEWE presented the 50 millionth photo book. At the anniversary celebration in Paris, the French trading partner was Fnac.

Personal labels with CEWE print

The advent season has begun and with it the yearly recurring search for creative, individual, exciting Christmas presents. Market leader CEWE has come up with some innovations at Christmas time, which make Christmas presents even more beautiful: Own photos are transferred from the smartphone, USB sticker, memory card or CD to the instant image machine and transformed into small photo stickers with text or graphics. The stickers decorate Christmas mail to friends or relatives living abroad and their own gifts.

Hand-painted oil paintings and 3D cartoon characters from

Galleryy individual art sets itself apart from its offers, which are now quite uniform, by the major photobook manufacturers.

Iris photo exhibition at the photokina 2016 sponsored by CEWE

For photo enthusiasts, one of the most exciting dates of the year is approaching: The photokina trade fair will open its doors on 20 September for trade visitors and the public. A highlight will be the "cover"-Photo exhibition, a joint action by German daily newspapers and ProPhoto GmbH supported by CEWE.

Pixum at photokina 2016: exhibition and workshops

Just in time for the world‘s largest photography trade show photokina at the Cologne trade fair, Pixum presents the winners of its latest photo competition "On my way". A total of 30 selected photographs will be on display in the Market Hall (C-Passage) in Cologne Central Station from 15 to 30 September. The winners were selected from thousands of submissions that are gathered on Pixum’s website.

CEWE presents exhibition "Our world is beautiful" in the Deutsches Fotomuseum

Anyone who has ever wanted to know what other amateur and professional photographers send to the major photobook manufacturers can now get a picture of it at the Deutsches Fotomuseum in Markleeberg. Photobook manufacturer CEWE presents the exhibition there from August 6th to September 4th "Our world is beautiful", a collection of the most beautiful photographs from all over Europe. From a total of 94,000 submissions from 11,800 participants from 18 European countries, CEWE selected the 58 most beautiful pictures and had them printed on Alu-Dibond in the size 70 x 70 cm.

Higher tax rate – Photobooks will be more expensive from 2017 onwards?

Sticking photos painstakingly in photo albums – that seemed to belong to the past. More and more people rely on attractive high-quality photo books to make their pictures appealing. But this could be more expensive from January 2017: Then the VAT on photo books in Germany should rise to 19%. So far, the reduced VAT rate of 7%, which applies generally for books in Germany. With this "Education discount" books should be cheaper and encourage people to read. Whether it is Goethe’s collected works or the latest biography of Kim Kardashian.

Bind it with a new online photobook designer

The Hamburg photo book manufacturer Bind it has completely reworked its online photo book designer, which makes photo books easy to create on a professional level.

Stiftung Warentest is testing 12 photobook providers – with 3 clear favorites

Quickly click a photo book together – is it really that easy to create high quality photo books as a layman? The Stiftung Warentest (issue 11/2015) tested 12 photo book providers on print quality, scope of supply, order process, user-friendliness and handling of user data and produced 3 clear winners. This is how Stiftung Warentest rated:

Innovations at FotoPremio

With the current software version 3.7.0. FotoPremio now also offers all hardcover photo books with a noble velvet matt cover. The surface feels particularly pleasant and prevents reflections, creating a special look. Also new is the ability to change the cover of your photo book at any time during creation. So you do not have to commit yourself to designing.

Hall offers leather look for photo books

Blurb raises shipping costs again

The American photobook manufacturer Blurb has again increased its shipping costs. For the normal shipment of a photo book now fall to 8.99 euros.

CEWE offers online data storage

Photo book market leader CEWE joins the general trend and now also offers storage space in the network. There you can store photos of various devices and directly charge the pressure or integrate them into the photo book.

Results Photobook market research –

Our survey on the subject "photobook" is now completed and evaluated and shows some surprising results. Read for yourself.

New CEWE software version 6.02

Photo book market leader CEWE has just released a new version of its free creation software at its subsidiary Onlinefotoservice and its partners Budni, Müller and Saturn. More CEWE photobook partners like dm are expected to follow shortly. It contains a number of improvements and news. Here is an overview.

Small Prints: A photo book for children

The unsuccessful search for a suitable photo book for her little daughter Lotta brought graphic designer Eva Malawska to an innovative idea. She founded her own online shop, which exclusively offers photo books for children. Their principle: beautiful AND stable.

Make photo books quickly from anywhere and take them with you

Advertisement – Photo books are a popular gift idea. The self-designed unique items always make mothers, grandparents and friends happy. Kodak’s easy-to-use Create @ Home software makes it easy to create, with a wide variety of design options to suit virtually any need. When the project is finished, you can print it out at the dealer in just a few minutes and take home the photo book in premium quality right away. This is particularly innovative, as production and delivery usually take a few days. Gift ideas can be implemented with the Kodak Photo Book immediately at the last minute. Also new from now on: the new ones "My Kodak Moments" Apps for smartphones and Facebook. With it photobooks can be easily created quickly and easily mobile.

New software and warranty promises in photo puzzle

The photo service Fotopuzzle – which unlike its name suggests, also photo books in the program – introduces a new version of its design software. In addition, a 30-year warranty on printing and binding is now granted.

News from ifolor: Express photobook and bonus program

Swiss supplier ifolor, which has more and more fans in Germany as well, is offering a novelty for all hurried photo book designers this fall: An Express Photo Book. For some time, a bonus program has been set up for all loyal customers.

Photokina News: Genuine V >

Live from the Photokina reports our photobook specialist Petra Vogt of the novelties on the market. One of the most interesting is the video photobook you saw at FUJIFILM. But she also discovered more exciting things there. Read for yourself.

Photo book on the move: New app from Kodak Alaris

Photography is becoming increasingly popular with mobile devices and the immediate creation of a photo book. Kodak has responded to this trend and launched a new app "Kodak Moments HR" presented for the iPad.

Social memories will be discontinued

The photobook service "Social memories" Deutsche Post will be discontinued as of September 30, 2014.

NEW at fotokasten – New software version: 5.3

Normally one always says yes "Everything is new in May". At fotokasten it seems to be June and August. The popular provider has namely presented in this period both a new software version for its customers and announced a change in its book formats.

A new online editor promises to be able to create photo books very fast, yet high quality. Its special plus is that it is vendor-neutral. It should also be easy to use.

Digital Photo Shipment Now Offers Studio Photo Books

High-quality studio-quality photo books are a new trend. Foto Thun’s website now offers two new product lines, which we present to you in this article.

Gift box for the photobook from Saal Digital

With a matching box, a photo book is equal to much higher quality. The popular photo book service Saal Digital now offers this as an additional option.

PhotoBox behind the scenes

The photo printing service PhotoBox has invited us to take a look behind the scenes. The company operates in 15 European countries and is headquartered in Sartrouville, France. In Hamburg, there is a branch for the German-speaking customers. Come and see how photo books are made.

Photo book novelties before Christmas

During Christmas, most photo books are ordered during the year. No wonder some print service providers are still coming up with new options before the festival. We have looked around for you and summarize the novelties of numerous providers for you.

Nice and fast – The Kodak photo book to take away immediately

Not only for Christmas is a photo book a great gift idea. But most print service providers have to wait days for production and delivery. Not so with the new Kodak photo book immediately to take away. Because this is printed and tied to the dealer within a few minutes. With the new photo book, Kodak offers an innovative way for customers to hold their photo books faster than other providers. A photo book that can be created as a gift even last minute. We took a closer look at the product.

Fotobook Trends 2013 – Learn to walk through the pictures in the photo book

Are you interested in what’s new in the photobook? Here you can read about the trends of the Photokina 2012 trade fair. Let yourself be surprised how videos can be integrated in the future and how conveniently you can create your work directly on your iPad on vacation and much more.

The L >

For the third year in a row, the Lidl photo book has won the award for Computer Bild. The service provider also received the seal at foto magazin "FM tip price / performance". We looked at what makes the Lidl books so special.

Fujifilm 3D Photo Book Real Cover – Wow effect without glasses

Even if you do not have a 3D camera, you can order a 3D photo book right now. The innovation leader Fujifilm has not only developed a new process for 3D poster production, but also offers its customers photo books in high-quality, high-definition. The first is the photo book Real 3D Cover, which is initially available with four different 3D titles.

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