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Photo Gallery of the lucky children

You will find impressions and pictures of our facilities in Hofheim and Sulzbach.
These photos are freely accessible to all visitors to our website.

Every month, our educators take pictures of your children for special activities and events as well as the general group everyday life. In our protected parent area we provide these for you to look at and download every month. You will not miss anything and be able to include the happy-child time in your personal photo album.

Free rooms

Lucky children Hofheim & Sulzbach

Both buildings and all premises meet the strict requirements of the federal, state and local authorities in every respect. Within the scope of our general operating permit, we have been tested for fire safety, general safety, hygiene, furniture and play equipment and have the validity of our certificates renewed and officially confirmed at regular intervals. The prevention is clearly in the foreground.

The design of the rooms was carried out individually for each group. she is child-friendly to the highest degree, selected especially high quality and valuable. We have designed the group rooms in such a way that the children can gain experience through active action. You can experiment and research in different zones, join forces with others and move, but also retreat and relax. By a clear structuring Differentiated offers are possible in the rooms and make it easier for the children, e.g. easy to orient by light islands, various floor coverings, etc. in all rooms. All rooms are at ground level.

We personalize his for each child own personal area in our happiness children community. In addition to coat hooks and shoe compartments with photos, there is a separate mug, a treasure chest for personal favorite objects and a photo wall where every child can find photos of his family.

We offer one dormitory where each child has their own mattress and bedding for the midday rest. We distinguish between a room for the “big ones” and the very small children who need more rest.

Happiness children photo galleries

You want to find impressions and pictures of our facilities in Hofheim and Sulzbach. These photos are freely accessible to anyone visiting our website.

Every month, our staff take photos of their children as they take part in special activities and events, and in the everyday life of the group. We provide these pictures for you every month protected parents‘ area. This way, you will not miss a thing and can add your child’s time to your own photo album.

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