Pickapooh Kids Sun Protection Cap – Legionnaire – Monster

Summer cap – wide peak, long neck protection. 100% organic cotton (organic). Reliably protects face, ears and neck. Optimum fit. Made in Germany

Kids Sun Protection Cap “Legionary” Monster

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Baby and child cap “Legionaire” – Reliable sun protection

With the beautiful Pickapooh “Legionnaire” children’s cap, your offspring is optimally prepared for the day on the beach or in the local sandbox. The high-quality and robust summer cap is made here in Germany from pure organic cotton (kbA). Of course, in addition to the optimal fit, the functional benefits are also convincing. The cap scores with a wide shade and an extra long neck protection optimal protection from the sun and thus from dangerous sunburns. This cap with the pleasantly soft and skin-friendly material is cut in such a way that it fits the head of your offspring perfectly. The elastic band in the neck area as well as additional ties (for size 48) provide reliable support when playing and romping or on windy days on the coast.

  • Visor cap made of pure organic cotton (kbA)
  • Made in Germany
  • With wide peak and long neck guard
  • Optimum, tight fit
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle at 30°C

Trendy summer cap made of skin-friendly material

Pickapooh has become an indispensable manufacturer of ecological and high-quality baby and children’s caps. With great attention to detail, summer hats and caps are created here in Germany that score points in terms of design, functionality and fit. With the cap “Legionaire” you get a modern summer cap with integrated UV protection. Umbrella and neck protection provide additional sun protection and protect the face, ears and neck of your protégé from painful and dangerous sunburn. Practical tie straps ensure an optimal fit and hold for this cap as well as the elastic band in the neck area. Depending on the colour, you will receive the Legionaire children’s cap with various UV protection factors. Skin-friendly and breathable material made of pure organic cotton (kbA) prevents the child from sweating under the cap.

Summer caps “Legionnaire” and “Legionnaire Felix” – The seat makes the difference

At first glance, the summer caps “Legionnaire” and “Legionnaire Felix” may seem very similar. Small but fine details make the difference with these popular children’s hats. The cap “Legionaire” (Art. 4364) is a good choice for all those who like a tight fit on the head. The soft material nestles beautifully to the child’s head and doesn’t seem to be restrictive in any way. The neck guard is slightly longer than the summer cap “Legionnaire Felix” (Art. 5083). “Legionnaire Felix”, on the other hand, does not fit so tightly and provides more volume on the head for a more upbeat and modern appearance. The neck guard is somewhat shorter than that of the “Legionnaire”.

Sun protection – an important topic especially for babies and children

In order to protect your children from sunburn (or even sunstroke), you should never do without a sun cream with a high sun protection factor, long airy summer clothing and – especially important – adequate headgear. Since 2014, the Hamburg label Pickapooh, which specialises in the design and manufacture of ecological and high-quality baby and children’s caps, has been offering summer caps with UV protection that meet the high UV standard 801. With this standard, summer hats and caps are tested under various conditions of use. The lowest measurement value is then recorded on the label and guarantees the UV protection actually offered.

Why a headgear with UV protection is so important for children in summer

When it comes to sun protection, you should not make any compromises with your loved ones. Because unlike adults, the delicate skin of small children and babies is still extremely thin and sensitive. Natural skin protection against UV rays has yet to develop. The face, neck and ears of children are particularly at risk. The summer cap “Legionnaire” reliably protects these particularly sensitive parts of the body.

Watch your step! Important information for cap care

Please wash all cotton caps from Pickapooh exclusively in the gentle cycle, at 30°C with reduced mechanics and spin only reduced. Then pull the damp cap into shape. Experience has shown that we recommend the use of an ecological detergent for ecological textiles. Conventional detergents often clean with aggressive surfactants. Some natural fibres react very sensitively to these detergents. You will find suitable and fibre-friendly detergents on an ecological basis in our shop, e.g. from Sodasan or Klar.

Details for peaked cap “Legionnaire

  • Reliably protects face, neck and ears
  • Skin-friendly, soft material
  • Provides protection against sunburn
  • Excellent, high-quality quality
  • With elastic in the neck area for an optimal fit
  • Incl. tie straps for even more hold (for size 48)
  • UV protection varies according to colour
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Breathable material prevents sweating under the cap

Laundry and garments with this label can be washed at 30°C in the machine’s gentle cycle.

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