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In this article you will find hints and tips where you can buy a Pilea Peperomioides, where you can find the right place for it, how to maintain it and how to increase it over time.

Update: On Instagram I have answered all your questions to the stories. You can find them as a highlight here.

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The name

There are many varieties of the Pilea. The most popular is the Peperomioides. My windowsill is now decorated with specimens of this plant, which bears so many names: Glückstaler, Chinese Geldbaum, Ufopflanze, Missionarspflanze and Bauchnabelpflanze.

Where can I buy a Pilea?

My first copy is an offshoot of a good friend. First infected with the Pilea fever I started looking for another pretty plant. I found it at the wonderful shop Winkelvansinkel in Hamburg. Already some time ago my sister showed a great insight into this shop on her blog Fräulein Anker. But if you don’t have the possibility to have such a great shop near you, you can also buy a Pilea online. For example at dehner or the Palmenmann you can order your Pilea directly to your home. I have also linked a few Pileas above, which you can order via Amazon. Share your experience in the comments!

Find the right place!

One bought the Pilea needs a light-flooded place. But please without direct sun. The Pilea Peperomioides likes it light and not completely dry air. In addition, you should always turn the pot so that the plant always gets light from all sides. You will notice that if the Pilea has a nice place first, it will thrive properly. The temperature at this place should not fall below 12-14 degrees. In spring there were still tulips on the new place of the plants. They also loved the high windows. A temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is ideal for the Pilea and we quickly encourage them to reproduce.

It is also part of the right place that the Pilea itself has enough space. The plant pot should have enough space so that the roots of the Pilea do not come out of the bottom of the pot. As a rule, I re-pot the Pilea into a larger pot every 6 months. Thus, cuttings have already grown from a 4 cm pot in one with 20 cm diameter.

Water and Co.

The water thing. I can tell you one thing, please don’t put water on the leaves, otherwise they will quickly get brown spots. She doesn’t like it dry, but her soil shouldn’t be too wet to avoid waterlogging. In time you will definitely get a feeling for the plant’s thirst. You should never let it dry out completely.

Before you water your Pilea, touch the upper layer of the Pilea: If it’s wet, it doesn’t need any new water, if it’s dry, you can give the Pilea some water.

The Pilea really multiply!

The Pilea is a real reproductive talent. Once bought, it will have long offspring. There are two different types of cuttings in offspring and cuttings. One grows directly from the mother plant, the other simply comes from the soil and has some roots removed from the mother plant. To get the cuttings, you have to get the mother plant out of its pot and unravel the soil. The cuttings that grow directly on the mother plant are cut off with a sharp knife so that they retain part of their light brown root. Then you plant the Pilea cuttings as they are in the soil. Of course you can also put it in water for a few days, the Pilea roots will also form here, but the roots are very sensitive, so be careful when potting.

The cuttings, which do not grow directly on the mother plant, dig out about 3 cm and cut off the root with a sharp knife. Plant the cuttings into a pot. This pot should have a diameter of at least 9 cm, so that the Pilea also has some space to grow. For potting I used soil for indoor plants, also a high-quality potting soil works great. And now all I have to do is make some space on the windowsill and give the new cuttings a nice place.

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