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Pinda Sveda

Ayurvedic herbal stamp massage

Knocking, circling, stroking – it looks a bit unusual, such a massage with stamps made of cloth bags. But the filled bags are literally full of them: filled with noble herbs, limes, ginger, lemongrass and lavender, in combination with warm oils and an intensive massage they are not only wellness, but also provide extremely impressive health results.

Herbal stamp massage – healing massage with hot herbs

Warm oils and powerful massage strokes, gentle stamp pressure and fragrant herbal essences: The fascination of the herbal stamp massage results from the various means and techniques, which they wonderfully combined. The result is a soothing treatment that has a positive effect on the entire organism. Stress and worry disappear in the warm herbal steam, which shows its comprehensive effect long after treatment. Here, the herbal stamp massage is not only a spa treatment, but is also used in many cultures as a holistic healing method.
Whether in the treatment of migraine, joint pain, rheumatism, fatigue syndrome, cellulite or hay fever: The Pinda Sveda is a universal, very versatile therapeutic agent with often impressive intensity. The finely balanced relationship between fruit acid and spices is an experience for all the senses. There is also an exotic-fruity scent.

The story of Pinda Sveda

The herbal stamp massage is one of the traditional healing methods in various Far Eastern cultures. Particularly noteworthy here is, for example, the Indian Ayurveda, a highly developed medical system, which derives from the ancient writings of Sanskrit. In Ayurveda, applications with hot herbal bags and warm oil are the typical treatments that are used for various ailments or as part of a course of treatment. They are referred to here as Pinda Sveda or Pinda Sweda. Just as important is the herbal stamp massage within the Traditional Thai Massage, also called Nuad. Again, the application with herbal bags heated in steam on a millennia-old tradition look back. Regardless of the origin, this massage is based on a holistic view of man, which takes into account not only the physical, but also mental-mental, emotional and energetic levels. Accordingly, the herbal stamp massage should not only be purely relaxing, but also serve, for example, for the solution of blockages or harmonization of the so-called doshas (in Ayurveda). Since Far Eastern massage techniques and traditional healing methods are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe, the herbal stamp massage has also become established.

Pinda Sveda – the ayurvedic sweat treatment

Already the heat of the bag alone ensures increased circulation and stimulated metabolism of the treated body parts such as skin, muscles and joints. Since our skin has the ability to absorb substances from the outside, the ingredients of the bags are built deep into the tissue by tapping, circling and swabbing on specific points and energy channels. The ability of the skin to absorb substances from the outside and excrete them from the inside is thus also increased (Sveda). But also the herbs inside the bag become more reactive by the heat, the substances more intense by their effectiveness.
This combination of herbs and heat in Pinda Sveda creates optimal conditions for influencing and changing or treating symptomatic structures. These include painful or blocked joints, weakened, contaminated connective tissue, tired muscles and over-excited nerves.

Goals and effects of Pinda Sveda

The Pinda Sveda can be used locally – for example on the knees, thighs and back – or for the entire body. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy, for example, for the treatment of the neck, as well as as part of a course of treatment or an entire treatment.
Preparatory massages, powder rubs or special manual techniques can complement the treatment with the Pinda Sveda perfectly and lead to an intensive therapy experience. For all its versatility and intensity, treatment with Pinda Sveda is mostly symptomatic.
The Pinda Sveda massage is often only part of a whole range of Ayurvedic treatments to combat the symptoms. The Ayurvedic therapist often also prescribes a particular diet or other compensatory measures.

Pinda Sveda as an individual application

In Ayurveda, every massage application is tailored to the constitution type. It is the same with Pinda Sveda. For the effective use of Pinda Sveda, not only the symptoms are important, but also their origin.
Diseases are usually due to a faulty energy distribution of the three humors (doshas). One or more is out of balance. The symptoms show at which Dosha the imbalance exists. Thereafter, the Ayurveda therapist chooses the appropriate form of therapy and the ingredients for the boluses and massage intensity.

Execution and effect: This happens during the massage

For the herbal stamp massage you should definitely take a little more time – the treatment often takes longer than other massages due to the warming of the herbal bags and the combination of classical massage and stamp movements. Here, the herbal stamps are heated – for example, in hot steam or in warm oils, which are then also used for massage. Even during the massage, the stamps have to be reheated again and again – often therefore already several herbal stamps are finished heating, which are then used alternately. During the massage itself, very different techniques and techniques can be combined. In the case of the traditional Thai massage, the pressure is quite firm and in other variants it is rather gentle. Here, the masseur alternates between stampings with herbal sachets, which trigger a short and intense warming effect on the skin, and the respective massage handles. It’s the combination that blooms the entire tissue, loosens muscles and gives you a completely positive body sensation. For this reason, the herbal stamp massage is recommended, for example, to relieve pain and many ailments, for example, the musculoskeletal system. Warm oils or steam provide additional relaxation, and the exotic herbs have an irresistible fragrance that works in two ways: via the respiratory system, the vapors are absorbed and transmitted directly to the nervous system, where they can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the content of the herbal stamp. The enormous effectiveness of fragrances on our inner well-being is also used, for example, in aromatherapy. Another effect is attributed to the specifically selected herbs, which are located inside the bound stamp: Due to the hot water vapor or the warm oil, the active ingredients penetrate through the fabric bag to the skin, where they can be directly absorbed. This supports the alleviation of various ailments, can be skin and tissue-lifting effect. Also worth mentioning is the holistic effect of the herbal stamp massage: In various cultures, it is said to have an energizing, relaxing effect. For example, the Herbal Stamp Massage brings a whole range of beneficial effects to bear, which in combination cover a particularly wide spectrum of effects.

Variants of the herbal stamp massage

Although the basic treatment is similar, there are always variations and variations of the herbal stamp massage. An important aspect is the used herbal stamp itself: it can be filled and bound or freshly wrapped. The advantage of a fresh preparation: As far as possible, individual wishes of the treated person can also be taken into account here – for example, if you prefer a particularly fresh fragrance, lemongrass or peel should be included in the herbal stamp. But also ready mixes are with their "ingredients" perfectly attuned to inner and outer well-being. Another important difference: The herbal stamp massage can be carried out both with and without oil. In Indian Ayurveda, for example, the herb sachets are soaked in warmed oil, while the treatment, for example, in traditional Thai massage is often carried out exclusively with the hot steam of the pouch. A variation of the massage with herbal stamps is a very similar treatment with lemon stamps. Also derived from Indian Ayurveda, this application is also referred to as Jambira Pinda Sveda. In this case, the bags used can be filled, for example, with fresh lemon and grated coconut. The Jambira Pinda Sveda is said to have a particularly refreshing and invigorating effect on body and soul; The treatment is ideal for the regular treatment of cellulite. Another variation that can be found in the wellness area, above all, is the rose stamp massage. This very exquisite treatment is just right for those who want to treat themselves to something very special. Instead of exotic herbs, the massage stamps here exude the delicate to intense, extremely sensual scent of fresh rose petals.

At the Hotel Bayernwinkel we have been working almost every day for over 30 years with the Pinda Sveda and are still often impressed with this simple yet highly efficient small herbal bag.
Do you want to get to know this treatment once and let the stress and worries disappear in the warm herbal steam? Then we look forward to your booking.

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