Pink red s small world: patchwork turtle for children made from old jeans

A long time ago I had a patchwork turtle to sit in a magazine for little ones Dwarfs discovered. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the pattern anymore. But since I still have the magazine, I used the photo to create a pattern. That was not the case heavy. I still had a lot of worn jeans lying around. I used this very well for the little turtle can. With the patterned denim that I still had in my left-over box, I wanted to add a little color. I separated the labels from the old jeans and sewed them on the turtle shell.
Today it finally happened. Our little darling celebrated its first birthday and took possession of the little turtle straight away. I was very happy that he really liked the turtle. The hard work was worth it.


Very, very beautiful. Really great.
best regards,

Very cool! I have to start collecting old jeans right away ;-)
LG Johanna

OMG !! It’s the top hammer !! How long please, did you sit there? I would adopt them immediately * grin * SOOO great!
What have you got them with? "lined" ??
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Oh that’s great. I really want to imitate it for my children’s group and am already cutting the fabric. But I’m still pretty unsure in what order or with which clue you sewed the individual armor parts together. Can you help me maybe so that I don’t end up in chaos ?! ;) Thank you very much and best regards, Andrea

Thank you for your interest in the patchwork turtle.
I first sewed the upper part of the tank together with the lower part. The fabric parts were then sewn together to form a ring. Always iron the seams properly. Now the head, the small tail and the feet are sewn, stuffed with filling cotton and evenly attached to the lower edge of the already sewn tank (ring) with the sewing machine. Then the back (seat) is sewn on, for this purpose place the fabric parts (upper part of the ring and the small circle) right to right and sew together. Now the belly (large round circle) is sewn onto the lower ring. To do this, the fabric pieces must be folded right to right and the fabric pieces (head, legs, tail) already attached must also be placed to the right. now the belly (large circle) can be sewn on. Please think of a turning opening. The turtle is pulled through the turning opening. Now the tank can be stuffed tight with a lot of cotton wool. Sew the turning opening by hand. Round buttons or loose-eyed buttons can be used for the eyes.
Good luck sewing. If you have any questions, please report.


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