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In turn, the dice are rolled. If a player rolls a 2, 4 or 6 he receives a match.

With the matches, each player places a sailing ship, for which he needs 15 matches.

The first player to finish his ship wins.

Naval battle on land

This game is only suitable for a hot summer day in the garden. You need two teams of 3 children each. each Crew receives at least 10 water bombs, which are balloons filled with water and a large square cotton cloth. The teams line up. The distance must be adjusted according to the age of the children so that throwing and catching is also successful. Two children from each team hold the cotton cloth taut between them like a flat sail. The third child is the launcher or gunner who has his water bombs in front of him in the grass. Now the teams throw each other with the water bombs, which should be caught by the children with the towels so that their own team has more ammunition. The throwers of course try to throw in such a way that the other team gets wet and does not come to catch or throw themselves. The team that can no longer drop water bombs has lost.

Which fleet will win?

For this game you need: Two players folding A 5 paper, a thick black pen, lots of one-cent pieces and a large water bowl

1) Make four small paper ships out of the paper. Two of the ships receive a thick black dot on the sail or bow. This is the pirate fleet. The other two ships form the merchant fleet. One player is the pirate captain and the other is the merchant fleet captain.

2) Each player receives the same number of cent pieces. Now fill the bowl with water and deploy your ships.

3) The player with the smallest hand begins: he places a cent piece in an opposing ship.

4) Alternately, each player now places a cent piece in a ship.

5) It doesn’t matter how the cent pieces are distributed to the ships. The goal is to completely sink the opposing fleet. Whoever succeeds first, wins.

Tips: You can also agree with your teammate that the cent pieces will be thrown onto the ships. For smaller children, the ships should be made in A4, then small stones or small marbles are best suited for sinking.

Each child makes a raft, then a long string is tied to the raft. The raft is lowered into the water and the string is quickly wrapped around a piece of wood. Whose raft reaches the safe harbor first, has won.

You surely know the game "Scavenger Hunt" or "Scavenger Hunt". Instead of the snippets you make a treasure map and your friends have to find the treasure on the map:

1) Get an overview of the area where you want to hide the treasure. Is there a good hiding place? Maybe a hollow tree or a pile of stones?

2) The treasure can be anything, from tickets to gummy bears or glass marbles. It should only be well packed and hidden.

3) Now paint a map with distinctive points of the area on which the treasure is hidden. It can be a house with a red roof or a block of stone.

4) If you have the fun want to extend the search, a treasure map can lead to the next treasure map or tasks must be completed at certain points that are also shown on the map. Have fun drawing and searching!

And here’s a game idea from Cornelia:

Some time ago, as part of a pirate holiday care for elementary school students, I came up with a game that is played over and over again with enthusiasm outside of the pirate theme. I would like to provide you with this game idea for outdoors or gyms:

Pirate AHOI ( based on the reaction game fire / water / storm)

Material: none
Outdoor or gym

Starting point: All children run around in a previously agreed area. When commanded, the correct reaction must be carried out quickly – the last player must be eliminated until the next round (brand: trip to Jerusalem). Whoever is left at the end wins.

Set sail! (Reaction: All children have to climb up as quickly as possible – even one rung on the wall of the bars is enough :))

MAN overboard! (All children form a chain at lightning speed and hold hands)

River police! (everyone must freeze and must not giggle or wiggle)

HAI alarm! (With this command, there is a second one: the shark is e.g. Jürgen – so the child with the named name chases the others who run away screeching in front of the shark. Whoever is tapped first is unfortunately caught by the shark and has to leave.)

TREASURE MAP!! (Here, too, there is a second command: The treasure is. (Name). This child must now run away because everyone is keen on the treasure and is chasing it. Whoever touched the treasure first has an extra life and is allowed to use in the next round).

. Our children in Age elementary school has enjoyed playing it again and again for months – and maybe other children will also enjoy it.

And here is the pirate special again.


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