Pirate party: ideas for a child’s birthday

The lavender boy has turned seven in the last week. For his children’s birthday, he has a wild one Pirate Party with treasure hunt desired. So that the wild pirates had plenty of room to play and run around, we celebrated the children’s birthday in an active playground. The Kaltenmoor active playground is operated by the city of Lüneburg and can be used free of charge for children’s birthdays.

Pirate birthday: treasure hunt and wild pirate games

The Lüneburg active playground is very close to nature. There are suspension bridges, a small stream, a cable car, secret paths and much more on the forested terrain. Perfect to focus on exciting treasure hunt close. The lavender papa and I had it to match real treasure maps made. We have drawn various locations on the Aki Lüneburg on kraft paper or. transfer.

So that the kraft paper looks like a real treasure map, we have burned the treasure map. Then we rolled up the treasure maps and put them in empty bottles that we had glued to a skull. The bottles were closed with a cork and hidden on the entire playground. In the eight different bottles there were indications for the next hiding places, so that the children were once shooed across the entire site. Of course, the search was rewarded with a real pirate treasure.

Build a raft: Instructions and inspiration

We also have with the kids Rafts built from cork. At home I had already cut sails out of foam rubber and attached them to a skewer skewer. The boys then only had to build three corks with two rubber bands for a raft at the children’s birthday party and put the sail in.

Of course, we tried the built pirate rafts right away. There is a small stream on the adventure playground in Lüneburg, which is only a few centimeters deep. Equipped with rubber boots, the children were able to let their self-made rafts run straight into the water without any problems. Of course, one or the other race was started with a lot of fun. By the way, a few toads and frogs were caught.

Make treasure bags and find gems

Since pirates never have enough and are always looking for treasures, they were still allowed in the sand Search for semi-precious stones. For the boys who have a total stone sting, a dream. So that the treasures they found were not lost, we had the children treasure bag tinkered.

We had printed the Hessian bags with black textile ink with a skull motif. We made the stamp ourselves out of foam rubber. The pirate gold that the children could earn in the various pirate games also ended up in the treasure bag.

Pirate birthday: games and decoration

Pirate games that we had prepared were e.g.. Play on the plank. There the children had to walk backwards, sideways and blindfolded. They were also allowed to fight each other with foam swords.

They also had to go with one Hook hand pretzels fishing from a treasure chest, climbing a shaky rope ladder to prove her seaworthiness and one Wood legged race organize. With the wooden leg run or three-leg run it will left Leg of one child connected to the right leg of another child. The children now have to compete against another team.

At the end of the pirate party there was still one authentic campfire, where we grilled stick bread, sausages and marshmallows. I reveal how we organized the pirate meal in the afternoon to you in another article.

How do you like our pirate birthday ideas? Have you ever had a pirate party??


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